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Apple Products Becoming (Business) Mainstream

The popularity of Apple’s iPads and iPhones among consumers are well documented, but recent findings from Forrester Research shows that these devices are gaining steam in the corporate world.

The “Consumerization of IT” or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become a common occurrence among all departments, and not surprisingly, Apple is leading the way among what Forrester calls “information” workers — workers that use a computer for work an hour or more per day. And the more senior the individual, the more they are using Apple devices:

  • More than 1 out of 5 (21%) of 10,000 surveyed Information workers use one or more Apple device at work
  • The number of Apple BYOD-ers doubles to 2 out of 5 professionals (41%) for those with the title “Director of IT” or higher

These “information” workers are using their Apple devices to interact with and access business networks. With more and more pressure, especially from the corporate ranks, to integrate Apple devices – are they secure? Most times not, and while there are many ways to make them so, the most cost effective is CSS’ latest software offering, Mobile Certificate Management System (mCMS). Leveraging Active Directory Certificate Services, mCMS allows iOS devices to easily and securely participate in your enterprise PKI by using digital certificates.

Visit the mCMS page for more information.