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Endless digital threats, double digital security

This article originally appeared on Smart Industry. Click the link below for the full version.

Digital security plays a dual role in the world of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), who must take security into account in order to optimize operations, reduce the chance for breaches and limit liability issues. They must also embed security within the product that they’re selling in order to drive safe deployments and customer loyalty. In short, the need for innovation and agility in digital-security programs is evolving from a secondary concern to an immediate priority.

IoT security hinges on a solid foundation of checks and balances across the entire ecosystem. Achieving device security rests in the decision makers’ willingness to apply the lessons we’ve learned along the way to the unique requirements of such complex supply chains. The leading method and the evolving standard is the use of digital certificates and keys: securely tagging a device with a unique identity, enabling authentication, authorization, data encryption and verification of secure code.