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FIM 2010 R2 Unattended Install Where You Want It

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Recently we started using a custom script to install and configure FIM in a consistent manner. During more than a few manual installs, I’ve been asked to install FIM into a drive or directory other than “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager\2010,” so I knew the script would need to have this capability. After finding and reading the “Unattended Installation of FIM 2010 R2” post, I spent a great deal of time searching the internet which led me to the not well documented option, INSTALLDIR=”” that allows the unattended install of FIM components to drives or directories other than the default.

Maybe, this something you already knew, but I thought I’d share it, as it wasn’t an obvious choice.

So now we use the INSTALLDIR=”” option in the script to install FIM components where we want them.

As an example, we’ve used something like the command below in scripts to install the FIM Service and Web Portal on a server’s D: drive:

<i>msiexec.exe /quiet ACCEPT_EULA=1 /i "`"E: \Service and Portal\Service and Portal.msi`" INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager\2010" ADDLOCAL=CommonServices,WebPortals SQLOPTINSETTING=0 SQLSERVER_SERVER=FIMSQLServer01 SQLSERVER_DATABASE=FIMService MAIL_SERVER=mail.company.com MAIL_SERVER_USE_SSL=1 MAIL_SERVER_IS_EXCHANGE=1 POLL_EXCHANGE_ENABLED=0 CERTIFICATE_NAME=ForefrontIdentityManager SERVICE_ACCOUNT_NAME=SVC_FIMSERVICE [email protected] SERVICE_ACCOUNT_DOMAIN=company [email protected] SYNCHRONIZATION_SERVER=FIMSyncServer01 SYNCHRONIZATION_SERVER_ACCOUNT=company\SVC_FIMMA SERVICEADDRESS=fimportal.company.com FIREWALL_CONF=0 SHAREPOINTUSERS_CONF=1 EXISTINGDATABASE=1 SERVICE_MANAGER_SERVER=SCSMServer01 /L*v "C:\temp\fiminstall.txt" </i>

Hope this helps.

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