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In Their Own Words: Why Customers Love Keyfactor

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What are the biggest benefits of working with Keyfactor? Why do security leaders across all types of organizations recommend Keyfactor for enterprise PKI? You’ve come to the right place.

Before you back away, we know this might seem super self-indulging, but we promise — that’s not why we’re writing this.

We’re compiling this information because we know that buying teams for new technology have already done most of the selection process before ever reaching out to the company behind the solution. In fact, research reveals that 74% of B2B buyers do half their research online before making a decision and 70% of the journey is complete before connecting with the sales team.

Understanding that you — our potential customers — will be doing a lot of research on your own before ever talking to anyone at Keyfactor, we wanted to share some of what we think is most important in the hopes of helping make your decision easier as you go through the selection process for a managed PKI solution.

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So without further ado, here are the top five reasons customers love Keyfactor — in their own words (because we don’t believe you should trust anyone more than the users themselves).

1) Centralized Visibility and Management

Centralized visibility and management for all things enterprise PKI consistently tops the list of reasons why companies choose Keyfactor.

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Specifically, Keyfactor’s platform provides visibility and orchestration across every key and certificate, making it possible to:

  • Quickly issue and revoke certificates
  • Easily locate and discover certificates
  • Alert IT admins about upcoming certificate expirations that require renewal


Keyfactor also supports detailed reporting, including simplified auditing, tracking and maintenance of certificates throughout their lifecycle. This reporting provides high levels of visibility into enterprise PKI and makes it easy for leaders to get pertinent information at a glance.

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Finally, having everything in one place allows teams to standardize management for multiple certificate types and servers, saving significant time and increasing security.

2) Automation

Keyfactor does more than just centralize PKI management — it also supports significant automation throughout the entire certificate lifecycle, which is yet another thing users love about it.

For example, Keyfactor makes it easy to renew certificates in a timely way through automated renewal notices that go out in regular intervals leading up to expirations. And this is just one of many examples of how Keyfactor can automate repetitive tasks.

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Ultimately, this level of automation helps Keyfactor rank highly in terms of ease of use and provides significant value to organizations by:

  • Reducing outages
  • Freeing teams to focus on other value-add activities
  • Simplifying processes for admins, leading to increased productivity

3) API Integrations

Next, Keyfactor doesn’t live in a vacuum: It offers native API integrations with a variety of systems that organizations can use alongside it.

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The most commonly used integrations with Keyfactor include:

  • Ticketing systems to provide a self-service experience for employees to request and renew certificates
  • Certificate stores to bring external keys and certificates under management in Keyfactor
  • DevOps tools to quickly and easily deploy certificates within the CI/CD pipeline


Overall, these integrations mean that Keyfactor can be deeply embedded in the organization, including all systems and processes, to allow for seamless workflows that increase efficiency and provide even greater visibility into every area of security.

4) Increased Security at Scale

Together, Keyfactor’s centralized management and visibility, automation and integrations align to help increase security at scale. This increased security and the long-term scalability of it rank among the top benefits for Keyfactor customers.

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That’s because the increased security and scalability offered by Keyfactor prove a meaningful boost over other platforms organizations have used in the past. And it’s infinitely more powerful compared to managing elements of PKI programs (like certificate expirations) in spreadsheets.

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As a result of these capabilities, Keyfactor allows organizations to effectively create a password-less environment and feel confident in their security measures in a fully remote world (where traditional approaches like firewalls become less effective).

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5) Team Expertise

Last but certainly not least, we regularly hear from customers that it’s not just Keyfactor’s technology, but also the team behind our platform, that delivers significant value.

Keyfactor is proud to have a large team of PKI experts, which allows our customers to tap into deep expertise without having to build that knowledge in-house (as that is not a strategic advantage to their core business).

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Beyond this expertise, customers regularly compliment the responsiveness of the Keyfactor team, noting that no question is too big or too small, and share their appreciation for the hands-on support they get whenever the need arises.

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Finally, our customers are always pleased to see how we not only ask for, but also listen to and incorporate customer feedback in our product updates, representing our team’s approach to continued innovation that will add even more value for our customers.

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Interested in Learning More About Keyfactor?

These may be the top five reasons our customers love Keyfactor, but the full list of all the reasons is significantly longer. If you’re curious, just check out our G2 page and customer stories for even more details.

If you’ve heard enough and you’re ready for the next step, our team is ready to talk to you. Contact us today to speak with our team and see the magic of Keyfactor for yourself.