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Keeping Customers’ Digital Identities Safe This Holiday Season

This article originally appeared on the Retail TouchPoints blog. Click the link below for the full version.

As the retail industry gets underway for this year’s holiday season, it’s expected that hackers will follow suit. In fact, 80% to 90% of login attempts made to online retailers’ websites are hackers using stolen data — the highest percentage of any industry.

Widespread coverage of major data breaches, including Amazon’s recent exposure of user emails, demonstrates that retailers struggle to keep pace with evolving threats. Multi-channel commerce, personal and credit card data and third-party partnerships can all play a disparate role for cyber threats. When compared to other industries, retail is heavily focused on compliance. Most cybersecurity spending is tied to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards for protection of credit card data, but checkbox compliance is not risk management and attackers have clearly shifted their tactics.

When it comes to cybersecurity in retail, it’s always busy season. So how can retailers keep their networks, e-Commerce sites and mobile platforms secure over the holidays and into the New Year?