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Keyfactor Joins the Docker Verified Publisher Program

Developer Community

As a result, SignServer and EJBCA are now available on Docker Hub as Verified Publisher images.

The Keyfactor Community and our open-source products are looking to reach an even broader community of developers and security teams in need of flexible and scalable public key infrastructure and digital signing solutions. As part of this effort, our open-source products are available on Docker Hub, the largest Linux container repository.

Open-Source Tools from Trusted Source Helps You Develop Secure Applications

Keyfactor’s public key infrastructure platform EJBCA Community and signing platform SignServer are now qualified as Docker Verified Publisher images. This badge provides developers with validation that these images come from trusted sources, reducing the risk of pulling malicious images from the impostor repositories. Using open-source tools from a trusted source helps your organization develop high-security applications more easily.

“We are excited to welcome Keyfactor to the Docker Verified Publisher program as they expand access to trusted application building blocks for millions of registered Docker developers,” said Webb Stevens, Docker’s SVP of Secure Software Supply Chain.

“The Docker collaborative application development platform provides developers with an unmatched experience for an integrated, reliable, and secure workflow that accelerates app delivery from code to the cloud. The addition of Keyfactor expands choice for developers and helps development teams build secure software supply chains, minimizing exposure to malicious content early in the process to save time and money later,” Stevens continues.

About the Docker Verified Publisher program

The Docker Verified Publisher program was announced at DockerCon in May 2021. With over 200 ISVs using Docker Hub to distribute their software to developers, users who see the Docker “Verified Publisher” badge know that the images they are pulling come straight from, and are supported by, the publisher. With 13 billion image pulls per month from nearly 8 million repositories by more than 13 million developers, Docker Hub is the industry’s leading public container registry. Docker Hub delivers developers the largest breadth and depth of container images and plays a central role in building and sharing cloud-native applications.

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