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Microsoft Updates Digital Certificate Key Length Minimum

Microsoft security update to block access to digital certificates that have a key length of less than 1,024 bits on 10/9/12

In a world where speed and simplicity are preferred, the size of a certificate key is nowhere to skimp. The strength of a digital certificate is primarily based on the length of the key. Microsoft issued a warning to all Windows Administrators: all digital certificates must have a key length of at least 1,024 bits. Certificates containing key lengths shorter will be automatically declined beginning October 9, 2012 as a result of an automatic security update for Windows.

Still securing apps/websites with certificates bearing key lengths less than 1,024 bits? What exactly will be affected:

  • Broken web links (Internet Explorer connection to pages blocked)
  • Windows Certificate authority service unable to start
  • ActiveX controls could be blocked
  • Users may be unable to install applications
  • Outlook 2010 not able to encrypt or digitally sign emails/communicate with an Exchange server for SSL/TLS communications
  • Operations Manager unable to monitor–or discover new instances of–any HP-UX PA-RISC computers *

Download the update kit here.


*Microsoft Warns Of Looming Digital Certificate Deadline

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