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You’ve Been Hacked…What Now?

So you’ve been hacked… what now? Other than of course contacting CSS so we can reduce your vulnerabilities and close security holes.

According to the Wall Street Journal this week (Firms Adjust to Hacks), more and more firms are doing what we suggested a month ago, they are telling the truth.

The Journal explains that organizations in the past have been caught by surprise by security breaches. With no plan, it’s hard to be proactive when a crises arises.

Experts are saying – and correctly if you ask us – that if a breach is handled well, with honesty and responsibly, that customer loyalty and brand strength can actually emerge stronger than it ever was.

That’s not to say, of course, that we should welcome a breach with open arms… but we should be aware that if one occurs, it is an opportunity to rise to the occasion… or as some have found, fall flat on your face.

Do you have a breach response plan? And is a communication strategy part of it? While CSS can help significantly reduce and prevent the likelihood of a breach, we can also develop a plan with you that includes the steps you need to take – from both a technology and business perspective. Visit the Success Stories page to see instances where CSS quickly sprang into action and saved the day.