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The adoption of cloud, AI, and connected devices has blurred the boundaries of trust. The just-released 2024  PKI and Digital Trust reveal that, as organizations embrace connectivity to drive efficiency and innovation, IT and security teams are struggling to keep pace. ​

Public key infrastructure (PKI) is the key to helping them stay one step ahead, defining who and what is trusted. PKI was once “the server in the closet that spits out certificates,” but times have changed. Now, only 2% of organizations are satisfied with their current PKI deployment.

This year’s report signals that PKI is critical infrastructure for organizations to establish digital trust across increasingly complex and hyper-connected environments. Yet, 72% of organizations say that PKI and machine identity management present serious problems, resulting in disruptive system outages, security incidents, and audit failures.​

Join Chris Hickman, Chief Security Officer, as he discusses key insights and takeaways from the report, including: ​

  • The role of PKI and machine IDs in modern IT​
  • Key risks and challenges in managing PKI​
  • Top threats and trends​
  • And the state of quantum-readiness ​