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  • NIST is Coming for your Algorithms! Ready or Not, Here They Come

With the upcoming NIST algorithm finalizations expected within months, organizations need to get their cryptographic hygiene in order. The first to be impacted by new compliance regulations are PKI, TLS, Code Signing, and IoT. Learn how to build a plan for inventory discovery, assessment, stakeholder buy-in, budgeting, and project timelines.

Join both Chris Hickman, CSO (Keyfactor) and Blair Canavan, Director Alliances (Thales) during this pragmatic readiness webinar.
Topics include:

  • How 2024 NIST finalizations impact organizations
  • Ensuring stakeholder support and budgets
  • Cryptographic discovery heat-mapping and remediation
  • Building a project roadmap with priorities, timeframes, and budgets.

Keyfactor is an approved (ISC)2 CPE Submitter partner. Earn .5 CPE credit by viewing this webinar.