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Keyfactor Command is the world’s most complete and scalable cloud-based certificate management platform for financial institutions. Get all the digital banking security benefits of owning PKI without the risks.


Securing a Financial Enterprise

Keyfactor understands just how high the stakes are in the financial industry when it comes to secure digital identity. Incomplete device security is not an option – your customer and business information is too valuable to leave unprotected.

That’s why we designed Keyfactor Command to cover ALL certificates and keys issued inside or outside your organization, giving you the freedom to secure your entire financial enterprise.

Keyfactor Command
Case Study

One of the largest U.S. private passenger auto insurance groups, with annual premiums over $15 billion, needed a solution to ensure that they could document which customer purchased what insurance policy online and when necessary, prove in court that a driver had a valid policy in effect at the time of an accident.


Proving coverage in court

While the Internet opened up a new way for customers to quickly and efficiently acquire a policy, a unique challenge emerged. If there is nothing in place to prevent the driver from buying an online policy within hours, insurers could be on the hook for claims that were caused by an accident not covered under the actual policy timeframe.


Enable and ensure trusted digital policy signatures that would hold up in court

Keyfactor’s solution was the design and deployment of a public key infrastructure and certificate management system that allowed for each online policy to be time and date stamped based on when the purchaser digitally signed the policy documents. A digital certificate verifying the time and date of the purchase was archived and stored with millions of policies. Keyfactor assisted with authenticating the digital signature, equipped the insurer with a certificate management system to help manage their large volume of certificates, and provided quick reference to satisfy legal non-repudiation requirements of their online policy purchase service.

Financial Cybersecurity & Banking Security —at scale.

With Keyfactor Command you have the freedom to grow with confidence. Automate real-time discovery, monitoring, issuing, and replacement of millions of certificates and keys originating inside or outside your organization while blocking untrusted access. Keyfactor Command’s open platform structure means no re-engineering existing applications; a feature no other solution comes close to replicating.

To be future-ready you have to incorporate “cloud first” strategies. Keyfactor Command’s robust DevSecOps tools give you what you need to stay ahead of the curve to transform quickly, efficiently and securely – with cybersecurity industry best practices built in and tailored to your digital banking operations.


With Keyfactor Command You Get:


Complete control over the use of your root certificate authority (CA) keys and PKI recovery materials.


24/7/365 PKI management and oversight from our world-class team of experts to ensure operational health.


Availability and redundancy built into a SOC 2 Type 2 documented environment.

Dedicated PKI Environment

Customer-focused root CA with no shared infrastructure.

Complete Certificate Lifecycle

Automated lifecycle management of every certificate in your environment, including publicly trusted certificates and certificates from other issuing authorities.

Response Commitments

Service-level agreements with clearly stated, guaranteed response times.

Find out how the Keyfactor platform can modernize your PKI, prevent
certificate outages, accelerate DevOps security, and more.