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The Keyfactor platform delivers end-to-end visibility and automation for certificates issued from virtually any CA, including public, internal and managed PKI services.


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As certificate counts reach into the tens of thousands, keeping track and control of your inventory becomes exponentially more complex. Most organizations use multiple certificate authorities (CAs) without any consistent oversight or control over the issuance and use of certificates at scale.

Keyfactor integrates seamlessly with your certificate authorities, public and private, to enable full lifecycle automation from a single console. The direct integration allows you to actively monitor certificate issuance, consolidate your inventory, and automate the entire lifecycle – from requests and provisioning, renewal to revocation.

Any CA, One Platform.

Get consistent visibility and governance over all certificates issued from any CA in your environment.

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Complete Visibility

Continuously monitor the issuance, usage and lifecycle of keys and certificates issued from any CA.

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Single Console

Eliminate the need to login to multiple CA portals to handle certificate requests and reporting.

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CA Agility

Easily migrate certificates in bulk from one template or CA to another with just a few clicks.

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Policy Control

Apply role-based access, approval workflows and detailed auditability across all CAs and certificates.

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Full Automation

Automate provisioning and renewal of certificates between CAs and your applications and devices.

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Easily Extensible

The Keyfactor AnyGateway can be customized to directly integrate to any CA with minimal programming.


Simplify & Automate Certificate Management with Keyfactor.

  • Real-Time Inventory: Existing certificate inventory is automatically imported and continuously synchronized with your CA provider.
  • Certificate Requests: Users can request certificates (either CSR or PFX) directly from a self-service portal or via API calls.
  • Certificate Revocation: Admins can easily query and revoke certificates from the Keyfactor console or APIs.
  • Automated Renewal: Existing certificates can be renewed prior to expiration using one-step approval or entirely automated workflows.

Keyfactor CA Gateways

Keyfactor directs all certificate requests, renewal and revocation to your CAs
native API interfaces using the Keyfactor CA Gateway.

Find out how the Keyfactor platform can modernize your PKI, prevent
certificate outages, accelerate DevOps security, and more.