F5 BIG-IP Key and Certificate Management with Keyfactor

Keyfactor provides automated inventory, deployment, and management of digital keys and certificates to your F5 Big-IP appliances.



F5 and Keyfactor Benefits

Keyfactor enables enterprises to automate requests, provisioning, and renewal of certificates across F5 appliances to avoid certificate-related outages and improve security.


Increase Productivity

Eliminate time-consuming certificate request processes with simple self-service enrollment and automated provisioning of certificates directly into F5 partitions.

Maximize Big-IP Uptime

Keep your network and applications from going offline due to expired certificates using automated alerts to notify F5 admins about pending expirations or automate renewal of certificates entirely across all F5 devices.

Secure Certificate Workflows

By using policy-driven workflows for certificate requests and approvals, F5 admins get certificates they need quickly, while the security team maintains visibility and control over issuance.

Streamline Certificate Operations Across F5 BIG-IP Appliances

Managing certificates across small number of web apps might be manageable in the short term.

However, as you scale your F5 Big-IP rollouts across hundreds or thousands of web servers, your simple certificate management now becomes a major problem.

Certificates can be referenced by profiles and virtual server endpoints allowing the F5 to perform SSL/TLS offloading, bridging, and more.

Improved Data Accuracy with Metadata

Keyfactor’s enrollment portal can enforce policies for certificate input with the inclusion of metadata. This allows users and administrators to have accurate reports around certificate information.

This data can also be used to link to other systems like ServiceNow and PAM providers like CyberArk or Thycotic.

How it Works

By using the Keyfactor orchestrator, you easily connect to your F5 Big-IP through their REST API. The connection operates over a secured TLS channel using X.509 certificates for authentication and encryption.

Streamline Inventory

Keyfactor’s Orchestrator inventories certificates found in the F5 CA Bundle (and on partitions) and stores the alias, partition, and IP address to easily locate certificates.

Automated Deployment

Command’s Enrollment Portal allows administrators to push Certificate components from Public and/or Private CAs directly to the F5 Web Server.

Real-time Alerting & Renewal

Expiration alerts can notify customers of upcoming certificate expirations and schedule a new certificate to replace the expiring one.

Easy configuration

Keyfactor can configure F5 bindings (e.g. IApps, Profiles) to allow features like SSL offloading, and load balancing to be maintained while the underlying certificate has been renewed.

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