ServiceNow Certificate Management with Keyfactor

Leverage your current ServiceNow ITSM workflows with Keyfactor to achieve certificate management and automation.

Together we give end-users immediate, self-service access to their digital certificates and ensure that every certificate is trusted, compliant, and up to date.


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Keyfactor + ServiceNow Benefits

Keyfactor integrates ITSM workflows so anyone can perform certificate-related tasks such as requests, revocation, and renewal right from their ServiceNow interface.

Get Complete Visibility

Discover certificates requested from ServiceNow and bring them into a single enterprise-wide inventory.

Remove Friction

Provide end-users with self-service key and certificate automation from ServiceNow.

Enforce IT Workflows

Define and configure tighter controls over certificate content and private key requirements with ServiceNow workflows.

Reporting & Compliance

Continuously monitor status, generate reports, search and revoke non-compliant or mis-issued certificate coming from ServiceNow.

CA Agility

Enable high-volume issuance via ServiceNow from any public or private CAs configured in Keyfactor Command.

Streamline Certificate Requests from ServiceNow

Keyfactor makes the tasks of certificate management, from certificate request to delivery, easy for ServiceNow end users.

Now the lifecycle of digital certificate requests from ServiceNow can be seamlessly orchestrated.

  • Standardize requests with ServiceNow’s customizable request forms by including a certificate signing request (CSR).
  • Approve faster with ServiceNow workflows to retrieve the detailed contents of the CSR.

Issue and deliver certificates from any internal or public CA through CSR or PFX enrollment.

Automate Certificate Renewal for ServiceNow Users

Don’t get caught with an expired certificate.

Keyfactor’s automation capabilities eliminates manual, error prone processes and automates the renewal of requested certificates from ServiceNow.

  • Keyfactor’s expiration alerts will notify certificate owners via email and automatically trigger a new incident or request in ServiceNow.
  • Leverage ServiceNow workflows to include or not include an approval steps for certificate renewal.
  • Automatically renew certificates through Keyfactor’s API.
  • Set up additional alerts notify others if the certificate has not been renewed after the initial alerts.

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