Secure Your Enterprise PKI Operations

With built-in integrations with Thales SafeNet DPoD and Luna hardware security modules (HSMs), Keyfactor provides the most secure and scalable PKI for your growing business needs.

Together we power enterprises and IoT manufacturers to meet the most demanding business objectives and stringent compliance requirements.

Built-in Security with Thales HSMs

Keyfactor platform leverages robust hardware-level key protection with Thales SafeNet DPoD and Luna
HSMs for highly customizable, scalable, and secure PKI.

Secure and Automate Certificate Lifecycle Management

Keyfactor and Thales have partnered together to help organizations protect and automate the lifecycle of their keys and X.509 certificates.

Watch a demo of the integration between Keyfactor’s certificate lifecycle automation and Thales Luna HSM and Cloud HSMs.

Ensure Security Throughout IoT Device Lifecycle

As IoT devices are deployed and dispersed across the globe, an organization must be able to secure communications and to protect the data in motion to and from these devices.

Together, Keyfactor and Thales secure the IoT supply chain from device design through manufacturing.

Achieve Code Signing at DevOps Speed

The burden to sign code often falls to software developers—people who specialize in code, not security.
Defend against emerging code signing threats with the combined high-level assurance of Thales SafeNet
HSMs and an intuitive code signing platform.


Reduced Risk

Enhanced protection of code signing private keys eliminates the risk of theft or misuse


Enforced Policy Controls

Centralized policy enforcement to ensure that only your code is signed with your certificates


Integrated DevOps Workflows

Workflows enable dispersed DevOps teams to automate code signing requests and approvals


Audit Everything

Complete visibility of all code signing activities for compliance and auditability


Empower Developers

Developers can sign any code, from anywhere without keys ever leaving your HSM


Cloud Ready

Designed as a cloud-first solution, including out of the box integration of Keyfactor Code Assure with SafeNet Data Protection on Demand

Find out how the Keyfactor platform can modernize your PKI, prevent
certificate outages, accelerate DevOps security, and more.