Certificate Lifecycle Automation PKI
Certificate Lifecycle Automation
Secure Every Digital Identity

With Keyfactor’s certificate lifecycle automation and management platform, it’s simple to manage the lifecycle of keys and digital certificates across your business. Gain visibility from certificate discovery and monitoring to issuance, renewal, and revocation.

Keep digital certificate-related outages and security breaches at bay, without compromise.


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Digital certificates are responsible for securely connecting a growing number of people, applications, and devices across your business. Without certificate lifecycle automation and certificate management, organizations don’t know how many keys and certificates they have or how to manage them effectively.

Lack of visibility and control leaves your organization vulnerable to widespread outages and security breaches. The number of keys and certificates only continues to rise while their lifecycles grow shorter, making it nearly impossible for your IT and security teams to keep pace.

Experience the Freedom
Secure every connected device, application, and digital identity at scale.


Keep Outages & Breaches At Bay

Get in front of disruptive network or application outages and security breaches.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Forget manual scripts and spreadsheets. Stay on top of your growing certificate count with automation tools that eliminate tedious tasks and reduce risk of human error or oversight.

Eliminate Gaps

Your biggest threat is the certificate you can’t see. Cover every certificate across your environment beyond SSL/TLS – including auto-enrollment, Wi-Fi, VPN, IoT devices, and more.

Strengthen Compliance

Continuously monitor and report on the status of all of your certificates to avoid audit findings and enforce adherence with internal policies and external regulations.

Deploy Faster

Get up and running in weeks, not months. Keyfactor offers a flexible, modular design built to easily integrate with your IT environment without the need to re-engineer workflows or re-issue certificates.

Enable Crypto Agility

Prepare for the post-quantum future and stay ahead of industry mandates and evolving cryptographic standards by knowing what you have and how to update it at scale.

Command Triangle

Empower Every Team

Powerful integrations

Get the most out of Keyfactor Command and integrate with your existing enterprise tools and applications to empower every team – from IT and Security professionals to DevOps and Network engineers.

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Company Logos
Easy to implement. Easy to use.
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Empower your teams with end-to-end automation for all digital certificates.




Complete Certificate Discovery

Locate all keys and certificates across your entire enterprise with SSL/TLS scanning, direct public and private CA integrations, and programmatic access to your apps, servers, and network infrastructure.

Real-Time Certificate Monitoring

Monitor the status of every certificate and get actionable reports in real-time. Automate alerts and notifications for potential vulnerabilities and impending certificate expirations.

Policy Enforcement

Group keys and certificates, tag them with metadata, and enforce consistent policies and templates to reduce the risk of unknown, rogue, and non-compliant certificates.

Enterprise API Integrations

Customize certificate workflows and integrate with the tools you already use today – F5, ServiceNow, Remedy, Splunk, HashiCorp, Thales, and many more.

Role-Based Access Controls

Define your roles and control access with AD and LDAP integration. Assign groups and users to certificate lifecycle management tasks from administrators to standard users.

Certificate Workflow Automation

Completely automate certificate requests and renewals in just a few clicks with one-step or zero-touch automation, RESTful API integration, and self-service workflows.

How to Deploy

Keyfactor Command offers both cloud- and enterprise-hosted deployment options.


Client-Hosted enables you to deploy and run software in your environment to discover, manage, and automate the lifecycle of keys and certificates from your private and public CAs.


Keyfactor-Hosted combines PKI as-a-Service and certificate lifecycle automation into a single, cloud-delivered solution – to deliver all the benefits of PKI without the maintenance headaches.

Secure every digital certificate at scale and with cost certainty – and with ease.
Different by Design

Others claim it, we deliver it. Integrate with a growing number of CAs and enterprise applications, without the need to re-engineer workflows or re-issue certificates.

Nothing Beats Experience

We’re not a software vendor, we’re a PKI partner. Our platform is built on years of hands-on experience working with Fortune 500 enterprises on their digital identity strategy.

Our Results Don’t Lie

Our platform has been tested and proven to scale in even the most complex and challenging environments – from 500 to 500M+ certificates – all with a single subscription license.

Certificate Lifecycle Management Buyer’s Guide

Learn the core capabilities of certificate lifecycle automation solutions and what questions to ask vendors