Committed to open source, transparency, and trust.

Openness benefits everyone, and at Keyfactor, we believe that open-source code drives trust in our software. No closed doors, no secrets, just open-source solutions.

With open source we can create better technology

Keyfactor’s goal is to make the internet a secure and trusted place to build, transact, and connect. Openness and transparency build trust, so we offer open-source PKI, digital signing, and cryptography software and engage with the user community for mutual learning.

Security is a fundamental building block of our digital society – and it needs transparency. Offering our whole software stack, from cryptography to PKI and digital signatures, as freely available open source, we believe helps to easily implement security early in a project. Open-source software significantly lowers the barrier to research and develop new technology.
Tomas Gustavsson, Chief PKI Officer


Flexibility and freedom

As a long-term partner, Keyfactor provides you with crypto-agile and open-standard cryptography, PKI, and signing software. As a result, you are not bound by a specific standard. No lock-ins exist, and you can adapt and evolve as necessary.

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Insurance of access

Investing in security should be a long-term investment. Open-source cryptography, PKI, and signing software give you access to the software’s source code, which protects you from unforeseen events. You are still protected even if the company behind it goes out of business.

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Quality assurance

Our open-source strategy comprises LGPL-licensed free editions of EJBCA and SignServer and MIT-licensed free editions of Bouncy Castle’s cryptographic APIs. Since many of the thousands of people who download and use each release of the software also provide feedback to us, they help assure the quality. 

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Image of David Hook one of the founders of Bouncy Castle
Take the 'me' out of 'trust me'

That Bouncy Castle is open source isn’t just important to us, it’s important to our user community. Transparency is everything and open source takes the ‘me’ out of ‘trust me’. That really matters.

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