Enterprise Code Signing

Keyfactor empowers developers to sign any code from anywhere – all from one centralized and secure enterprise code signing platform.

Enterprise Code Signing

Solve your biggest
code signing

Secure your code signing processes and enable distributed teams to sign code quickly and easily.

Faster Releases
More frequent software releases and updates make legacy hardware-based and manual signing unfeasible.

Dispersed Teams
Code signing keys wind up unprotected on remote developer workstations, virtual machines and build servers.

Signing Risks
Attackers seek to infiltrate private keys or signing processes to sign and distribute malicious code.

Developer-friendly. Security approved.

One platform to sign code and secure processes across all of your teams, applications, and DevOps environments.

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Remove friction

Make it easy for developers to sign code fast without handling sensitive keys.

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Protect your keys

Protect sensitive code signing private keys in highly secure, flexible cryptographic hardware.

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Audit everything

Gain visibility into all code signing keys and actions from a single console.

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Prevent attacks

Define policy-based access controls and workflows to prevent unauthorized signing.

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Move faster

Simplify and streamline code signing processes for your teams. Eliminate manual bottlenecks.

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One platform, any team

Enable multiple development teams to sign code remotely via API, console, or remote utility.


Safeguard your code
signing keys.

Get comprehensive protection for code signing certificates and keys without the need to deploy hardware or disrupt your SDLC.

  • Protect private keys and ensure they never leave the secure location
  • Integrate with your HSM or leverage a built-in FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Cloud HSM
  • Restrict access to only authorized users and workflows

Enforce and automate workflows.

Deliver consistent and secure signing workflows to ensure that only trusted code is signed by authorized developers.

  • Restrict role-based access to administrators, signers, and approvers
  • Unlock secure signing sessions by signer, time, location, signing method, and more
  • Automate signing request and approval workflows

Gain visibility over every signing operation

See every action from a simple, intuitive console that provides you with visibility of all certificates and signing activities.

  • Track and monitor all code signing activities in real-time
  • Maintain an immutable audit log of all code signing certificates and signing attempts
  • Built-in time-stamping support for PKCS #7 signatures

Integrate seamlessly with CI/CD workflows.

Make it easy for developers to sign code from naitve workflows with flexible remote signing tools and plugins.

  • Provide developers with an intuitive, self-service interface or API
  • Enable fast signing for remote developers via flexible CSP/KSP utility
  • Eliminate the need for developers to handle or store sensitive keys

Enable DevOps & CI/CD

Keyfactor integrates seamlessly with your DevOps toolchain without
changing existing workflows or build processes.

Any team,

Implement an enterprise-wide code signing
service that supports the needs of all your
teams, wherever they are.

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Sign code fast without the hassle of storing and securing code signing keys.

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Defend your organization against private key theft and signing breaches.

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IT Operations

Eliminate the need to deploy and maintain HSMs and servers on-prem.

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Simplify audits with easy-to-read audit logs of key usage and signing actions.


Simple, Secure & Highly Scalable


Enable enterprise code signing as-a-service or deploy it in your environment.


Enable remote developers and teams to sign code from a cloud-native platform.

Lower TCO

Reduce costs by eliminating the need to buy and maintain on-premise HSMs.

Easy integration

Support popular DevOps tools, applications, and infrastructure environments.

No disruption

Get up and running without making changes to your existing build and release processes.

Platform or standalone

Deploy as a standalone solution or combined with the most trusted PKI as-a-Service platform.


Flexible Deployment Options

Keyfactor deploys on-prem or delivered as-a-service.

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Get enterprise-grade code signing as a service with a dedicated, built-in Thales Cloud HSM.

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Deploy our enterprise code signing platform on-prem or in your cloud and integrate with popular HSM providers.

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Combine enterprise code signing with fully-managed PKI and certificate automation as a service.


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