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Press Release
Automotive IoT Security – CSS Successfully Completes 500 Million Connected Vehicle Pilot

CLEVELAND, Ohio – March 5, 2018 – Certified Security Solutions, Inc. (CSS), Certified Security Solutions (CSS) is redefining Internet of Things (IoT) security requirements for the automotive industry. The promise of connected vehicles is tremendous, and so are the security measures required to reach that destination without winding up in a ditch, both literally and figuratively. The reason behind connected vehicle safety and security carry no question. What is in question is how to secure the vehicles efficiently and at scale.

Digital certificates were originally adopted within data centers and web farms to secure the periphery, followed by deployment on personal and network devices to secure the Intranet. With the IoT now in full swing, PKI’s new assignment is to secure millions of devices and in doing so lead the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) security.

CSS recently performed a pilot of securing a large fleet of simulated connected vehicles with their proprietary unique device identity platform, CMS VerdeTTo™. The pilot was based on a catastrophic re-enrollment scenario where the Root of Trust (RoT) was breached. All vehicles required an immediate update, consisting of new certificates and keys from a new CA, and the update of each device’s trust store to replace the compromised root (and shut off trust of its certificates). CMS VerdeTTo™ served as the orchestration layer between a 3rd-party PKI, and CMS VerdeTTo™ agents deployed on each vehicle ECU.

The pilot ran in the Microsoft Azure cloud, on a single instance of CMS VerdeTTo™ running one standard-grade quad-core web server and one standard-grade 16-core database server.

The successful pilot demonstrated crypto-agile operations with the ability to store, manage, and report on over 211 million certificates, and to provide command-and-control instruction to 68 million simulated vehicle agents. Each vehicle’s agent polled for updates with a check-in rate of 800 per second, and pulled down the newly issued credentials and root.

Keep reading, download IoT Scalability Case Study: https://info.css-security.com/cms-verdetto-scalability-benefit-guide-download

CSS to showcase the CMS VerdeTTo solution at the Industry of Things World USA show in San Diego, March 7 – 9: https://industryofthingsworldusa.com/

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