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Press Release
Certified Security Solutions (CSS) Announces SaaS Consumption Model for Complete Certificate Life Cycle Management Solution

CLEVELAND, O.H. – March 2, 2016 – Certified Security Solutions, Inc. (CSS), a global leader in enabling secure digital identity and access solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the enterprise, today announced immediate availability for a SaaS consumption model of its complete certificate life cycle management solution, the Certificate Management System (CMS).
In the latest version of CMS, 4.3, a completely cloud-based model designed to track and manage a set of critical certificates issued from any source is now available. Cloud-based certificate reporting and alerts aid enterprises with risk, audit compliance, and security for their entire certificate infrastructure. Gaining a single view of critical certificates in an easy-to-read, actionable format removes the burden of manual certificate tracking, ensures compliance, and mitigates risk.

Other CMS 4.3 features include:

  • Monitor and manage any certificate, anywhere
  • Cross-forest support to extend the reach of certificate management
  • The most powerful, centralized Java KeyStore certificate management capabilities in the market
  • End-to-end ECC and SHA-2 support with ECC PFX enrollments
  • Robust API streamlines connectivity to integrate any system and workflow with a certificate management component, including ticketing, identity management, and enterprise systems

“Client and market demand led us to the development of certificate life cycle management solutions with agnostic consumption models to support innovative use cases across the enterprise and IoT. Spanning from completely cloud-based to full on premise solutions, CMS is fit to serve any size organization and use case,” stated Chris Hickman, CSS Vice President of Managed Services and CMS SaaS. “We’re excited to offer a cost-efficient, inclusive certificate management solution that eliminates manual processes and reduces margin for error.”

For more information, download the CMS SaaS datasheet https://www.css-security.com/media/1418/cms-saas-datasheet-css-022616.pdf, or contact CSS for a personalized demonstration, [email protected].

About CSS
As the market leader in enterprise and IoT digital identity security for data, devices, and applications, Certified Security Solutions (CSS) is a cyber security company that builds and supports platforms to enable secure commerce for global businesses connected to the Internet. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with operations throughout North America, CSS is at the forefront of delivering innovative software products and SaaS solutions that are secure, scalable, economical, and easy to integrate into any business. Visit www.css-security.com for more information.