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Press Release
Certified Security Solutions (CSS) Launches Research Arm to Monitor Threat Intelligence of More Than 3.7 Billion IP Addresses

CLEVELAND, O.H. – February 18, 2016 – Certified Security Solutions, Inc. (CSS) is a global leader in enabling secure digital identity and access solutions for enterprises and the Internet of Things (IoT). Today CSS announced that it has launched a specialized research division to monitor threat intelligence of more than 3.7 billion IP addresses.
CSS Research will offer continuous oversight and threat intelligence insights on the digital certificates used to secure SSL/TLS connections across the Internet. Other key departmental features include threat intelligence thought leadership, driving and executing initiatives focused on improving early detection of certificate vulnerabilities, identifying compromises and forgeries and supporting key customer accounts with deep knowledge and expertise.

SSL/TLS digital certificates form the backbone of secure identities to enable secure e-commerce transactions online. However, SSL/TLS and the global Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) community is facing an unprecedented series of security challenges and attacks. Fraudulently issued certificates continue to be a significant security risk to organizations large and small, and even to the public at large, and can become the basis of phishing attacks, identity theft and corporate espionage.

“Our CSS Research team is focused on making the Internet a safer place for businesses and individuals. It will share relevant data to help secure the Internet SSL/TLS and PKI communities by continually combing the Internet for fraudulent certificates and other anomalies. The data collected can help identify trends that support IoT growth predictions, the transition from the less-secure SHA-1 certificate algorithm, certificate issuance sources, as well as being able to monitor for fraudulently-issued certificates and pre-image hash attacks to make the Internet safer,” said CSS CEO Kevin von Keyserling.

In preparation for participating in the Google-sponsored Certificate Transparency project, CSS Research monitors and publishes weekly public SSL/TLS data on more than 3.7 billion IPv4 addresses, including:

  • Total certificates identified (SSL/TLS, ECC, device certificates, etc.)
  • Certificate issuer market share
  • Self-signed certificates versus those issued by a CA
  • Certificate issuance and expiration statistics
  • Signature algorithm breakdown (SHA-1 / SHA-2, etc.)

Weekly statistics, additional initiative information, and the option for organizations to request their own custom Public SSL Report can be found on the CSS Research web page.

About CSS
As the market leader in enterprise and IoT digital identity security for data, devices, and applications, Certified Security Solutions (CSS) is a cyber security company that builds and supports platforms to enable secure commerce for global businesses connected to the Internet. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with operations throughout North America, CSS is at the forefront of delivering innovative software products and SaaS solutions that are secure, scalable, economical, and easy to integrate into any business. Visit www.css-security.com for more information.