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Keyfactor Offers Certificate Management Upgrade

CLEVELAND, Ohio – September 27, 2018 – Certified Security Solutions, Inc. (CSS), the leader in automated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificate management solutions for the enterprise and Internet of Things, has extended an offer to upgrade organizations trapped paying per-certificate fees for the management of their digital identities.

Certificates are used as a secure and proven technology for authentication, encryption and digital signing across the enterprise. However, many early adopters of digital certificate management solutions are stuck with contracts that require them to pay individually for each certificate managed. As a result, they are forced to decide whether to commit to a costly contract or leave certain certificates unmanaged.

“We believe every digital asset throughout the enterprise should be locked down with digital certificates – and companies should never have to choose what they secure because of cost,” says Kevin von Keyserling, President & Chief Executive Officer of CSS. “With CSS you pay the same rate for CMS Enterprise whether you’re managing 50,000 certificates or 5 million. And you’re getting a best-in-class solution that Fortune 500 companies depend on.”

With the upgrade offer, CSS will enable companies to:

  • Transition and upgrade to CSS without duplicating monthly fees
  • Pay no fees for installation of CSS CMS Enterprise
  • Receive a 100% money-back guarantee on the performance of the solution during the first year

“Response has been incredible in the few weeks since we introduced this offer,” says John Harris, Chief Revenue Officer of CSS. “We’ve had dozens of customers from one per-certificate provider alone visit our site to learn more about the offer, and we have sales engagements starting with many of them. The key for us is to guarantee that we can lower those companies’ costs, improve their cyber defense posture and support their operations more efficiently. Given the interest, we’re thrilled to extend this offer so even more organizations can gain freedom from their contracts.”

When companies automate management of their digital certificates with CSS, they gain the freedom to:

  • Control costs and increase the bottom line
  • Maintain operational effectiveness while driving innovation and growth
  • Build trust and visibility both inside and outside the enterprise

Whether organizations are evaluating a solution based on one or many criteria, not all certificate management systems are created equal. Contact CSS today to learn about the upgrade offer:

About CSS
Certified Security Solutions (CSS) is the leading provider of PKI software and services to securely connect people, applications, and devices to business ecosystems. Headquartered in Independence, OH, CSS solutions facilitate the identification, authentication, management and overall security of digital assets across the enterprise and the IoT markets. Contact us at 877-715-5448 or visit for more information.

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