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Press Release
CSS and ISARA Introduce the First and Only Quantum-Safe, Full-Stack PKI

Partnership elegantly solves upgrade burden as auto industry moves to over-the-air software update

CLEVELAND, Ohio & WATERLOO, Ontario, April 17, 2018 — (from booth #N3123 at RSA Conference 2018) Certified Security Solutions (CSS), the leader in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based digital identity software and services, and ISARA, the leading provider of security solutions for the quantum computing age, announced today that their innovative partnership has resulted in release of the world’s first quantum-safe, full-stack PKI solution.

With the new PKI solution, the automotive industry has the ability to ensure that its over-the-air (OTA) software updates are secure against attack from today’s conventional systems and quantum computers in the future. By deploying a quantum-safe PKI today, carmakers can accomplish mass software updates at scale without the burden of extremely complicated (nearly impossible) recalls and dealer visits when current classic Roots of Trust become unsafe with the dawn of large-scale quantum computers. Connected vehicles on the road today, and all connected vehicles in development, will need protection from the potential negative effects of large-scale quantum computers.

“Quantum computing will deliver amazing benefits, but will also create a new and very serious security threat,” said Scott Totzke, CEO & Co-founder of ISARA Corp. “We’re proud to partner with CSS by integrating a new level of quantum-safe security into their PKI solutions. Helping to solve this security challenge for the auto industry is a big leap forward toward the reality of completely connected vehicles that remain secure and safe.’’

Experts estimate that large-scale quantum computers will be available within the next decade, with some predicting in as early as eight years. With immense computing power driven by quantum mechanics, these computers offer the potential for huge advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence and material design. But that computing power also will be capable of breaking public key cryptography that protects all of the data, software updates and technology we now safely store, share and use.

“Simply stated, solutions that are not built on a foundation of crypto-agility will not be secure in the future,” said Kevin von Keyserling, President and CEO of CSS. “We’re excited to announce the extension of our Enterprise and IoT security solutions together with ISARA. Our commitment to crypto-agility and its enablement has allowed CSS clients to upgrade from deprecated algorithms such as SHA-1, and systematically migrate from Roots of Trust requiring replacement. The CSS/ISARA offering futureproofs the security of devices into the quantum computing era.”

Learn more: https://blog.css-security.com/cyber-security/post-quantum-cryptography-isara-partnership-pki-certificate-authority

About Certified Security Solutions (CSS)

Certified Security Solutions (CSS) is the leading provider of PKI software and services to securely connect people, applications, and devices to business ecosystems. Headquartered in Independence, OH, CSS solutions facilitate the identification, authentication, management, and overall security of digital assets across the Enterprise and the IoT markets. Contact us at 877-715-5448 or visit https://www.css-security.com/ for more information.

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About ISARA Corporation
ISARA is a cyber-security company specializing in creating production-ready quantum-safe security solutions that can be embedded into commercial products today to secure data now and in the future. As a commercial solution provider within a rich academic and research ecosystem, ISARA is part of a collaborative effort to raise awareness of quantum threats, and design and implement quantum-safe solutions that will work globally. For more information, visit www.isara.com.

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