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Press Release
CSS to Showcase The Next Generation in PKI and Digital Certificate Management Solution at SecTor 2017

CLEVELAND, Ohio, Nov 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – Certified Security Solutions (CSS) is redefining Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificate management with a single platform. Built exclusively to mitigate risk, increase efficiency, and lower costs, the centralized CMS management platform is fit to serve today’s rapidly changing Enterprise IT, Cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) security landscape.

The next generation in PKI and certificate management is the answer to the need for robust PKI automation across IT and the emerging IoT. Digital certificates were originally adopted within data centers and web farms to secure the periphery, followed by deployment on personal and network devices to secure the Intranet. With the IoT now in full swing, PKI’s new assignment is to secure millions of devices and in doing so lead the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) security.

CSS is excited to sponsor the Security Education Conference in Toronto (SecTor) November 13-15 along with additional events in Canada to share risk mitigating, cost saving agile PKI management and deployment tactics. CSS expanded into Canada earlier this year, hiring Joe Licini, as its Toronto-based Canadian Sales Director. Joe brings over 20 years of experienced technology project leadership to the team.

Connect with CSS prior to SecTor to learn the benefits of adding modern automation and operational efficiency to your Enterprise PKI operations. Additional offerings:

PKI Managed Services- Move your PKI to the cloud and outsource its operations.
IoT Identity Platform for Assurance and Trust- IoT on your roadmap? Futureproof your project with effective, scalable device provisioning and continual management on one platform.
About CSS

Certified Security Solutions (CSS) is the leading provider of software and services to securely connect people, applications and devices to business ecosystems. Our PKI Operations platform facilitates the identification, authentication, management and overall security of digital assets across the Enterprise and Internet of Things (IoT). Visit https://www.css-security.com/ for more information.

About SecTor

SecTor is Canada’s premier IT Security Education Conference. The annual event where IT professionals from across Canada learn from and network with the world’s most innovative, intellectual, exciting and entertaining security professionals. SecTor is IT security training at its best. Visit https://sector.ca/ for more information.

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