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Keyfactor Launches EJBCA SaaS on Microsoft Azure

Keyfactor Accelerates Machine Identity Management in Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Environments with EJBCA SaaS on Azure

CLEVELAND, OH—July 12, 2022— Keyfactor, the machine and IoT identity platform for modern enterprises, today announced the launch of EJBCA SaaS on Microsoft Azure. The availability on Azure Marketplace allows customers to accelerate cloud migration in a secure manner, authenticating digital identities with cloud-native PKI. 

Modern organizations rely heavily on public key infrastructure (PKI) and machine identities to securely build, deliver, and run applications. Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS), also known as Microsoft CA, has been an easy choice because it is well integrated into the Microsoft infrastructure. However, as organizations shift to hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure, leveraging Azure and Azure Active Directory (AD), traditional on-premise Microsoft CAs simply cannot support their migration. 

“Without a cloud-based PKI, organizations struggle to stretch their existing PKI deployment during migration, often to its breaking point,” said Harry Haramis, SVP of Cloud and SaaS Marketplaces, Keyfactor. “Making EJBCA SaaS available on the Azure Marketplace provides organizations with a solution to easily support both on-prem and emerging cloud use cases. This is our latest step in providing security solutions that drive innovation in modern enterprise environments.”

EJBCA SaaS on Azure is a flexible, scalable, and platform-independent CA that supports on-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud PKI use cases. Key features and benefits include:

  • Simplify PKI: Reduce the effort and expense of deploying and maintaining PKI internally. Underlying CAs, HSMs, and infrastructure are hosted and managed by Keyfactor experts.
  • Support any use case: Integrate with your existing Active Directory (AD) or Azure AD, and support any platform with multiple protocols and interfaces, including ACME, SCEP, EST, CMP, REST API, and more.
  • Deploy fast, run anywhere: Deploy in virtually any Azure region in no time, with integrations to Azure Key Vault and Azure Managed HSMs for key protection.
  • Scale on-demand: Meet increasing demands with an unlimited number of CAs, automated scaling, and support for high availability and redundancy — only paying for what you use.
  • Self-service control: Manage and control your PKI from a single SaaS portal. Start and stop a dedicated root CA, add networks, configure logging, and more.

If you’re ready to try out EJBCA SaaS on Azure, sign up here.

About Keyfactor

Keyfactor is the machine and IoT identity platform for modern enterprises. The company helps security teams manage cryptography as critical infrastructure by simplifying PKI, automating certificate lifecycle management, and enabling crypto-agility at scale. Companies trust Keyfactor to secure every digital key and certificate for multi-cloud enterprises, DevOps, and embedded IoT security.


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