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Press Release
Keyfactor Unveils Next Generation of PQC Lab on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
New Free Offering Enables More Organizations to Kickstart Their Journey to PQC Readiness

CLEVELAND, Ohio – March 14, 2024Keyfactor, the identity-first security solution for modern enterprises, today announced the launch of its Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) Lab on the Azure Marketplace, a free, SaaS-based sandbox, where users can generate and test quantum-resilient digital certificates in a safe environment, helping organizations kickstart their journey to quantum-readiness. 

First launched in October 2023, PQC Lab was conceptualized as a resource hub, enabling audiences including IT and security leaders, developers, and engineers to explore PQC. Today, PQC Lab on Azure is a free tool that offers users a 30-day test drive of a PQC-ready PKI environment before NIST officially standardizes the first set of new quantum-resilient algorithms. As industry experts advise, the opportunity to modernize cryptography strategies before these new standards are published is the smartest path forward. 

“The quantum leap is inevitable. Our job as industry experts goes beyond educating best practices; we are responsible for creating the tools and resources critical in making this leap forward safe and successful,” said Tomas Gustavsson, Chief PKI Officer, Keyfactor. “PQC Lab on the Azure Marketplace exemplifies just some of the work we’ve put into preparing modern enterprises for post-quantum challenges. Our goal is to make PQC-ready solutions available to everyone.” 

Keyfactor continues to lead the way in developing quantum-ready solutions to help secure organizations in the quantum era. In addition to PQC Lab, Keyfactor offers quantum-resilient solutions for public key infrastructure (PKI), digital signing, certificate lifecycle management, as well as the popular Bouncy Castle crypto-libraries. Together, these solutions lay the foundation for a quantum-safe future, helping organizations inventory their cryptographic assets, test and implement new standards, and make the transition to new PQC more seamless with automation.

Learn more about Keyfactor’s PQC Lab on the Azure Marketplace here.

Next month, Keyfactor will unveil new research and insights into the risks and challenges organizations continue to face as they prepare to transition to quantum-safe security. In the meantime, Keyfactor just released a sneak peek of the findings, revealing how security professionals think about quantum readiness.

About Keyfactor

Keyfactor brings digital trust to the hyper-connected world with identity-first security for every machine and human. By simplifying PKI, automating certificate lifecycle management, and securing every device, workload, and thing, Keyfactor helps organizations move fast to establish digital trust at scale — and then maintain it. In a zero-trust world, every machine needs an identity and every identity must be managed. For more, visit keyfactor.com or follow @keyfactor.


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