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5 Steps to Scale & Automate Certificate Management (Infographic)

SSL/TLS Certificates

The role that digital certificates – such as TLS/SSL and code-signing certificates – play to protect your business has reached critical importance 

If we look at the numbers, the average organization now has an estimated 88,750 keys and digital certificates in their environment. That’s almost equivalent to the number of seats in Wembley Stadium. 

Now imagine tasking a single person to manually track every ticket transaction for every event in an Excel spreadsheet. And I mean every detail – from where the ticket was issued (I.e. StubHub, Ticketmaster, etc.) to how much it was purchased for, when, and by whom.  

Unfortunately, this is how most IT and security teams still track the procurement, issuance, and usage of keys and digital certificates in their environment. 

That explains why 87% of companies have experienced at least one service outage caused by an expired or mismanaged certificate in the last two years alone. 

5 Steps to Certificate Management Maturity

To help enterprises like yours break free from costly outages and the hassle and headaches of manual process, we created the Certificate Management Maturity Model.  

Take a look at the infographic below to learn more about where organizations stand today and how you stack up against industry best practice: 

Download the infographic →

What’s Your Maturity Level?

Do certificate-related outages still cause headaches for your team? Download the full eBook to get practical insights and recommendations for improving your certificate management maturity.