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CSS is Now Keyfactor

Since the beginning of the company, caring passionately about our service promise to our clients had been a hallmark of Certified Security Solutions (CSS) — that’s a big part of what made us successful for more than 15 years, securing the digital footprint of the world’s most trusted brands.

Over time we’ve noticed a strong factor within our customers: we were being embedded in their cybersecurity fabric, and enabling more than just an improved threat defense — that had become table stakes for our customers, not an option. With growing frequency, our customers told us how we enable them to run their business more efficiently, at a lower cost, and free them to take on more innovative projects. Rather than being one in a long list of point products in their cybersecurity stack, CSS had become a key enabler of our customers’ freedom.

It was clear that the CSS name and brand needed to evolve to reflect that insight.

CSS is now Keyfactor

Our New Name

On November 1, 2018, Certified Security Solutions (CSS) became Keyfactor. The new name reflects our understanding that secure digital identities are the key factor in creating highly trusted environments. It reflects and carries our passion for, and commitment to, creating the industry’s most elegant security solutions. Elegance is achieved by allowing full-scale cyber defense without a drag on operations.

The Keyfactor Brand

The visual picture of our brand demonstrates our core belief that security should be an enabler of innovation. That is why you see a vibrancy in our identity – the bright, expansive design style and our striking Keyfactor green, reflecting the freedom, energy, and momentum that exists in trusted environments.

The bold typeface that forms the Keyfactor logo depicts the strength and elegance of our solutions. The triangle above the “Y” (the “key factor”) represents the three pillars of digital device identities Keyfactor enables:

  • authentication
  • authorization
  • encryption

The flowing isometric fabric that appears throughout our website represents your cybersecurity infrastructure, and how Keyfactor ensures that secure digital identities integrate seamlessly and perform exactly the way our customers intend them to perform. The best security should be though and Invisible.

Overall the brand is a tremendous reflection of the soul of this organization — a soul that’s as strong now as it was when we started CSS. We exist to promote a world where all digital identities are trusted.

Tell us what freedom means to your organization…