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Highlights From the Digital Trust Tour: A Collaborative Journey with Keyfactor and Microsoft

Industry Trends

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, establishing trust is paramount to the success of any organization. Employees are taking devices home, workloads are expanding in the cloud, and the emergence of IoT (Internet of Things) is further blurring boundaries. The old way of thinking, “trust but verify,is behind us. Instead, savvy security leaders are focused on authenticating every device, workload, and user – every time – to establish and maintain digital trust. 
To examine the significance and real-life application of digital trust in a zero-trust world, Microsoft and Keyfactor, a Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) member, teamed up to host the Digital Trust Tour. This month-long, multi-city event brought together security, infrastructure, and operations leaders in six North American cities to gain insights and practical solutions from the collective knowledge and experience of Keyfactor and Microsoft leaders. Each stop offered an opportunity to tour the Microsoft Technology Center, converse with Microsoft and Keyfactor executives, participate in a roundtable workshop, earn CPE credits, and enjoy happy hour at a local hot spot. 

Digital trust goes coast to coast

The West Coast set the stage for an exciting start to the Digital Trust tour. Bellevue, Washington, played host to a gathering of innovative minds at the Microsoft Technology Center, a cutting-edge lab brimming with the company’s latest emerging technologies. After welcome remarks from Harry Haramis, Keyfactor’s SVP of Cloud and SaaS Marketplaces, the group participated in a roundtable conversation focused on six critical issues at the top of every IT and security leader’s mind. “Digital trust is the bedrock of a successful digital transformation,” noted Haramis. “The Digital Trust Tour brings security professionals together to examine practical solutions and insights that empower their organizations to build resilient security frameworks and unlock the full potential of their digital initiatives.”

After a private tour of the Technology Center, Sinead O’Donnovan, Microsoft’s VP of Identity, discussed the key zero-trust principles at Microsoft and the importance of identity to protect users and workloads amidst the shift to Azure and a decentralized workforce. Next, Keyfactor co-founder and CTO Ted Shorter weighed in on how organizations are protecting their business in a zero-trust and cloud-first world with PKI and machine identities as the foundation. The first stop of the Digital Trust Tour concluded with a delightful evening of drinks, appetizers, and networking at STK Steakhouse.

The following week, the tour continued in Toronto, where Keyfactor’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Ryan Sanders, gave opening remarks before another behind-the-scenes tour of Microsoft’s Technology Center. Attendees then joined an interactive Digital Trust Workshop about best practices for establishing digital trust within their organizations, led by Eric Mizell, Field CTO & VP, Solution Engineering, Keyfactor.

A highlight of the afternoon was a discussion about navigating the shifting tech and security landscape, given by Jason Slack, Director of Product Engineering at Truepic, and David Falgiano, Senior Vice President, Director of Security & Network Infrastructures at M&T Bank. The two guest speakers, who are Keyfactor clients, shared their thoughts on the evolving tech and security landscape, advances in AI, and cloud migration. Before closing out the day with a happy hour, Keyfactor’s Chief Security Officer, Chris Hickman, talked to attendees about protecting their business in a zero-trust and cloud-first world with PKI and machine identities as the foundation

Next up: the Windy City. In Chicago, Illinois, attendees were treated to an exclusive peek inside Microsoft’s innovative Technology Center, followed by an electrifying talk from Dhruvin Shah, a Product Manager Identity at the tech giant. Shah delved into Microsoft’s groundbreaking approach to zero-trust in the cloud, captivating everyone’s attention. As the day continued, participants engaged in lively and thought-provoking roundtable discussions centered around establishing digital trust through identity-first security. The conversation was nothing short of captivating, leaving everyone invigorated and inspired. To cap off the eventful day, attendees gathered at Avli on the Park, where they savored a delightful evening and views of Chicago’s skyline. It was a truly unforgettable experience that united brilliant minds, modern technology, and the renowned charm of the Windy City. 

The Digital Trust Tour continued eastward, stopping in New York City. The security community gathered at Microsoft’s Technology Center in Times Square, where they were welcomed by Keyfactor’s SVP of Marketing, Jamie Walker. “Security leaders are facing similar challenges across industries and proactively embarking on zero-trust initiatives,” she noted. “The role of identity and establishing digital trust forms the foundation for secure operations, data protection, and successful digital transformation initiatives. The Digital Trust Tour in NYC was a great community event to exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn from each other.” 

The next week, the tour carried on in Houston, Texas, before concluding in Atlanta, Georgia. In Houston, participants were treated to a sneak peek of a Microsoft Technology Center, took part in a Digital Trust workshop, and enjoyed networking with peers and industry leaders. In Atlanta, the highlight was an insightful keynote by Willie Clemons, Director of Identity & Access Management at EBSCO Industries, who shared his knowledge on conquering the ever-evolving security and tech landscape. 

The tour is over, but the journey to build digital trust continues

And that’s a wrap on the Digital Trust Tour! The multi-city event offered a unique platform to explore the critical aspects of digital trust in today’s rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape with IT and security practitioners, industry leaders, and executive team members from Microsoft and Keyfactor. Thank you to everyone that joined us on this transformative journey towards establishing digital trust, which makes anything possible.