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How to Add Certificate Authentication Security To ThingWorx

Congratulations, you’ve chosen ThingWorx to launch and manage your IoT devices, applications and data. Your goals are clear, your code has been tested and the connections are ready to engage. Unfortunately, you’ve forgotten a critical component that will sadly cause your entire project to fail.

Added layers of security, specifically unique device key authentication.That’s right, such a simple premise that many developers charged with tackling the IoT realm are painfully choosing to ignore. Rolling the dice, engaging in a game of a security roulette. “What’s built in is, good enough,” you tell yourself, realizing that leveraging an easily cracked password for authentication will begin to split under the pressures of the very first attack on your applications and or data. You begin to sweat, worried that your entire project hangs on the whim of a solitary password. Still settling for “good enough?” or are you ready for more?

Enter CMS VerdeTTo Security Access Valve extension for ThingWorx, a secure service that lets you establish your own dedicated IoT Directory with a dedicated Root of Trust (RoT) that includes unique certificates for each device. Your unique IoT Directory lives within your ThingWorx platform and allows for the execution of certificate-based authentication, granular authorization, data encryption, and assurance of secure code execution.

CMS VerdeTTo Security Access Valve establishes unique identities consisting of device certificate, trust chain, and customizable extended attributes for each of your IoT devices, whether numbering in the thousands or millions. Building a trusted identity framework into your ThingWorx IoT project is best done at its onset (already launched? let bygones be bygones, we can still help – although these are the best practices), with full integration of your IoT Directory and ThingWorx, and an identity framework that leverages your own RoT. The result is assurance that all IoT devices and gateways connecting to your ThingWorx system are uniquely identifiable.


Certified Security Solutions (CSS) has a rich history of partnering with businesses to secure IoT systems using software and managed services. AKA, we know code. Armed with an extensive development team with over 55 years of combined experience, our developers have spent painstaking hours ensuring that your devices, applications and data are in fact secure. In addition, our traditional IT based PKI experts have become an extension of your organization’s security team.

CSS can assist in addressing IoT security challenges with the knowledge, experience, and operational efficiency needed to fit the needs of any business. As your organization delves into the IoT security world, we invite you to contact us with questions. We can help identify security best practices that are needed to plan, implement, and manage a trusted and efficient IoT security solution.

Learn more on the security challenges of IoT and how the CMS VerdeTTo Access Valve engineered specifically for ThingWorx platform users: