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Takeaways from Keyfactor Tech Days 2023: Diversity and Evolution Fueling the Cybersecurity Landscape

Industry Trends

Last month, IT, cybersecurity, and DevOps leaders from around the globe gathered in Barcelona for Tech Days 2023. Keyfactor was proud to host this year’s event, helping attendees discover how PKI and digital signatures are helping usher in a new wave of digitalization. People learned about the future of digital trust and came away with a better understanding of how we simplify PKI, automate certificate lifecycle management, and enable crypto-agility at scale.

One of my biggest takeaways from Tech Days is how diverse the cybersecurity landscape is. We brought together industry leaders with an array of backgrounds, from enterprise security to government, and found that despite our diverse areas of expertise, we all share common experiences. While use cases vary from industry to industry, many share the same implementation challenges. It’s truly an honor to collaborate and learn from one another at cross-industry events such as Tech Days. These types of conversations among various people with different needs and experiences will only further drive innovation. 

The PKI industry never ceases to innovate and evolve; it only accelerates as the technology becomes more widespread. Today and beyond, PKI will be a critical solution to the challenges presented, having become the basis of the many services and products that we take for granted in society. 

With this in mind, I am excited that PKI and digital signatures continue to be the foundation of a new wave of digitalization. Although there is a severe lack of skilled personnel across the cybersecurity industry, automation, consolidation, and efficiency have proved that the future of digital trust can do more with less (or equal) resources. While almost everything we interact with requires digital trust, this influences leaders in the field to think outside the box, invent new ways to scale, and integrate solutions to be more seamless in order to effectively deploy and maintain PKI. Simultaneously, the new and upcoming regulations will put more pressure on the market to invest in security that protects against future threats, driving economies of scale. 

As a technologist, the migration to post-quantum cryptography is also exciting. While it is a daunting task, this is the biggest change the industry has gone through since its inception – and will ensure groundbreaking technological progress ahead of us. We are looking forward to supporting our customers as they manage this new transition. 

With this in mind, Keyfactor is well-equipped to take on these many challenges, positioning ourselves as a leader in the market with robust and proven identity-first security solutions. This allows us to meet customers where they are, no matter the size or complexity of their PKI infrastructure or where they are in their cloud journey. Armed with deep-set technological knowledge, our comprehensive solutions sets us apart from niche players and enables us to provide the extensive support customers need as we migrate to a future of post-quantum cryptography and its associated challenges. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to have connected with everyone at Tech Days. There are many exciting developments ahead of us and I look forward to Keyfactor’s role in the evolution of PKI technology. 

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We hope to see you at another Keyfactor event soon. Until then, #GameOn!”