Prevent Certificate-Related Outages

Stay ahead of expired digital certificates and put a stop to disruptive network and application outages. It’s time to take control of your certificate landscape.

87% of IT and security
professionals say they’ve
experienced at least one
significant outage due to expired
certificates in the past two years.

2020 Keyfactor-Ponemon Report

It takes just one expired certificate to slip through the cracks to have a major outage on your hands. Most enterprises still rely on a patchwork of spreadsheets, CA-provided tools, and internal PKI interfaces to manage digital certificates, creating serious gaps in visibility. These unknowns turn into costly outages and create network blind spots that leave you vulnerable to attack.

Keyfactor provides a foundation of visibility across all of your public and private CAs, network devices, and cloud infrastructure. By bringing all of your certificates into a single inventory, you can effectively monitor and automate their lifecycle to prevent outages – even at massive scale.

The Aftermath of an Outage

The financial and operational impacts of just a single expired certificate can reach across the entire organization –
and in many cases – their customers and business partners.

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Unplanned Downtime

It’s estimated that network downtime triggered by expired certificates costs organizations more than $300,000 per hour.

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Productivity Loss

IT and security teams spend hours identifying the root cause and replacing the expired certificate across multiple locations.

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Revenue & Reputation

If a business-critical website or application is affected by an outage, brand reputation and revenue suffer immediate impacts.


Gaps in visibility result in costly
and disruptive outages.

  • Limited Visibility: Most enterprises don’t know how many keys and certificates they have, much less when they expire.
  • Manual Processes: Spreadsheets and CA-provided tools limit visibility to only known certificates and result in a high risk of human error.
  • Lack of Ownership: It’s a constant game of cat-and-mouse to track down application owners to renew certificates before they expire.

End-to-end visibility and
automation to renew certificates
before they expire.

Predict and prevent outages caused by expired digital certificates. The Keyfactor Command platform allows you to automate the entire renewal process, regardless of the CA or where the certificate is provisioned.

  • Complete Visibility: Find known and unknown certificates across your network and CAs and bring them into a centralized inventory.
  • Active Monitoring: Organize and monitor certificates for expiration using an interactive dashboard and actionable reports.
  • Automated Alerts: Assign certificate owners and send automated alerts to renew certificates prior to expiration.
  • Renewal Automation: Simplify renewals with one-click approval workflows or fully automated certificate renewal and provisioning to end devices without the need for admin intervention.
Business impact

Prevent Outages & Reduce Risk

Say goodbye to painful certificate-related outages and accelerate the productivity of your teams with the
most complete and scalable certificate management solution.

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Prevent Outages

Eliminate the risk of downtime that results from expired certificates deployed on internal and external networks.

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Reduce Risk

Mitigate potential security blind spots caused by expired certificates on firewalls or network intrusion detection systems.

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Improve Productivity

Replace time-consuming, manual processes with simple self-service portals and automation to reduce the workload on teams.

Stop Certificate
Outages with Keyfactor

It’s not the certificates you track that will cause your next outage – it’s the ones hiding in your network, untracked and unmanaged. Manual spreadsheets and homegrown solutions just can’t keep pace with the volume of certificates and shorter expiration periods, increasing the administrative overhead and risk of PKI operations.

With the help of Keyfactor Command’s integrated certificate discovery tools and automation workflows, you can prevent outages while reducing the workload on your IT and security teams.

Find out how the Keyfactor platform can modernize your PKI, prevent
certificate outages, accelerate DevOps security, and more.