IoT Security
Protect your IoT devices, data, and applications with Keyfactor Control.   What is Keyfactor Control Keyfactor Control is a cloud-based IoT Security Platform that ensures the authenticity and security of your IoT devices and their data. Everything from medical equipment to energy grid meters to home appliances can be secured by Keyfactor Control. As the market leader […]
Workforce Agility
Enable a proper IT Infrastructure for strategic agility   Progressive businesses today are embracing the movement toward a more agile work environment, enabling employees to work from anywhere at any time, increasing efficiency and productivity. Defining workforce agility challenges   However, broadening access to enterprise resources from remote environments also increases an organization’s attack surface […]
Total Cost Certainty
The Keyfactor Difference What is Total Cost Certainty? An important staffing decision must be made for departments in nearly every organization: Do you invest in a team to operationalize and build in-house expertise – or do you look to external solutions and partners to deliver that expertise? If you wind up choosing the latter, then […]
Advanced PKI Management
Leverage single pane of glass management and reporting for every certificate within your organization  Worried you’ve lost control of your public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificates? Take the first step to regaining control by realizing you have a management problem. Whether you’ve inherited a huge certificate count or you’re enabling new use cases requiring […]
Preventing SSL Outages Through Automation
Few things are more visible, embarrassing, counter-productive, and costly than an SSL outage or the outage of a high-profile website, cloud-based application, or critical business system. The root cause of outages is often the expiration or revocation of a digital certificate – a kind of failure that is easy to prevent, yet occurs quite often. […]
Certificate Identity for the ThingWorx Platform
IoT Platform Integration and Marketplace Add-on The value of unique trusted identity   With the adoption of IoT comes new challenges that proliferate as “connected things” come online. Devices across all industries and critical infrastructure collect and transmit functional data that is leveraged for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive action. This action is predicated on legitimate and accurate […]
Security Infrastructure Optimization
Security solutions to enable an optimized infrastructure Security Infrastructure Optimization is a lofty goal, but one worth pursuing. Initiatives like this motivate businesses to be the best they can be. By enhancing current security infrastructure, companies can increase productivity and operational agility, significantly improve security, and decrease overall cost. An optimized infrastructure can drive innovation […]
Data Security Policy & Governance
Data Security Policy & Governance Ensuring compliance by securing digital identities and data A data security policy provides  organizations with a framework to operate its business and protect customers without interruption or damage from bad actors. Depending on the nature of the compliance requirements in your industry, some policies may be more complex than others. […]
What is Crypto-Agility & Why Do We Need It?
The Definitive Need for Crypto-Agility In an evolving cybersecurity landscape, defenses must continually evolve. Static systems are not only inherently insecure, but they are also less so with each passing day. This principle applies to cryptography and crypto-agility as much as other types of cyber-defenses. And with the advent of quantum computing, most analysts agree […]