Preventing SSL Outages Through Automation

Few things are more visible, embarrassing, counter-productive, and costly than an SSL outage or the outage of a high-profile website, cloud-based application, or critical business system. The root cause of outages is often the expiration or revocation of a digital certificate – a kind of failure that is easy to prevent, yet occurs quite often.

SSL and other certificates eventually expire, preventing or limiting access to the full functionality of websites, operational tools, servers, and services. Some try to get around the issue by extending expiration dates out for years – but not staying on top of current certificates is a recipe for disaster. Who knows who will be managing your digital security program in one year – let alone five. Comprehensive monitoring can prevent SSL outages, lost revenue, reduced productivity, and damage to the reputation of your organization.

The cost of an SSL outage

One of the leading reasons for downtime is not technology but, often, human error. Certificates expire and cause an outage because organizations rely on manual tracking – or certificates with upcoming expiration dates are missed due to personnel turnover. Without the right certificate strategy and management system in place, expired certificates can wreak havoc across the enterprise, including:

  • Server downtime
  • Lost revenue, especially with an eCommerce website
  • Reputation damage and frustrated customers
  • Reduced productivity

Automation makes the difference

Introducing automation into your organization can eliminate downtime caused by an expired certificate. Automation swaps out aging algorithms and ensures updated certificates are applied. Automation allows certificates to be re-used, saves administrators time, and enables crypto-agility. As our infrastructures and workloads grow in size and complexity, potential outages become more commonplace. PKI automation is a proven way of preventing costly outages before they occur.

Securing digital identities across the enterprise

Keyfactor Command simplifies the identification, cataloging, monitoring, issuance and revocation of digital certificates across multiple platforms throughout the certificate lifecycle. Our proven technology is used by hundreds of customers but is uniquely designed and implemented to address the specific certificate environment and requirements of your organization.

Certificate management is complex with lots of moving parts and administration that need to be managed. As more devices come onto your network and more apps are rolled out, the need for your PKI to scale, enforce encryption, authenticate and manage overall security grows every day. Automation is key to successful security, as well as optimizing your agile workforce to work on other important initiatives that the business is looking to tackle.

With Keyfactor Command, you’ll get the freedom you need to do more for your business:

Freedom to Secure Everything

Cover every identity in your enterprise without worrying about breaking the budget. Our inclusive pricing frees you up to maintain best practices for every element that comes in contact with your organization – exactly the way it should be.

Freedom to Get What You Need

Our open platform structure means no re-engineering existing applications. We’ve spent years understanding device identity workflows and requirements to ensure our platform is ready to integrate and extend with your existing application suite.

Freedom to Transform

Cloud-first strategies are driving new and faster evolutions of Development and Operations. Robust DevSecOps tools give you what you need to stay ahead of the curve and transform quickly, efficiently and securely.

Keyfactor Command is the world’s most complete and scalable cloud-based certificate management platform. Get all the benefits of owning PKI without the risks.