Secure every machine identity.

Orchestrate and automate
your PKI and digital certificates.

Keyfactor Command helps teams prevent outages and move faster with complete visibility, governance, and automation for digital certificates.



  • TLS Certificates
  • Client Certificates
  • SSH Identities

Discover and automate the lifecycle of every machine identity — from your internal PKI to third-party and cloud-based certificate authorities (CA) — all from a single control plane.
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Stop outages

Gain visibility and automate renewal and provisioning at scale to eliminate the risk of disruptive certificate outages.

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Move faster

Give developers and app owners quick and easy access to security-approved certificates and enable zero-touch automation.

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Stay in control

Reign in CA and certificate sprawl with centralized governance to identify and remediate non-compliant and weak identities.

Eliminate blindspots.
Discover every certificate.

Discover and monitor every certificate in your environment to proactively identify risks before they become a headache.

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Get a complete inventory of certificates via discovery for public and private CAs, network endpoints, and key and certificate stores.

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Monitor and search certificates from one dashboard to identify risks such as self-signed, weak, or near-expired certificates.

Simplify operations and
stay ahead of outages.

Easily organize and search your certificate inventory, assign owners, and notify users before certificates expire.

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Tag certificates with metadata, a powerful tool to effectively organize your certificate inventory into manageable collections.

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Send automated renewal alerts, schedule regular reports, and integrate with external SIEM or ITSM tools for additonal workflow and alerting.

Simplify audits and apply
consistent governance.

Maintain a secure, policy-backed PKI and certificate environment with centralized policy controls and workflows.

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Enforce policies for administration, certificate enrollment, and management based on users and groups from your identity provider.

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Ensure that private keys are generated and stored securely with on-device key generation, and integrations to popular HSMs and key vaults.

Reduce human error and
automate processes.

Make it easy for your teams to consume and provision security-approved certificates with minimal friction via self-service and automation.

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Automate certificate renewal, provisioning, and installation with one-click or no-touch automation via Orchestrators.

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Give your users a self-service interface, easy-to-use APIs, and pre-built plugins to popular network, cloud, and DevOps tools.

Key features

Full visibility

Find every certificate in every location using real-time CA synchronization, network scanning, and agent-based or agentless discovery of key and trust stores.

Metadata and search

Tag and group certificates logically using unique metadata. Find that one certificate you’re looking for in just seconds with an easy-to-use certificate search engine.

Granular controls

Set role-based permissions to control what users and groups can see and do within the platform. Require approvals and define workflows for enrollment and revocation.

Self-service enrollment

Provide programmatic or self-service certificate enrollment via an intuitive portal or REST API. Or leverage multiple open-source integrations and plugins.

Scalable orchestration

Deploy Windows or Linux-based Orchestrators to automatically provision certificates directly to network endpoints, load balancers, servers, and cloud workloads.

Reporting and alerts

Generate custom or out-of-the-box reports, send alerts via email or chat tools, and renew, revoke, or drill down into certificate details with a simple right-click.

Anywhere you want it

With Keyfactor Command, you have the flexibility to deploy or migrate PKI
and certificate management wherever you need it. On-premises, in the cloud,
as a service, or combined with fully managed PKI.

Why Enterprises Choose
Keyfactor Command

Here’s what makes Keyfactor Command the most flexible, scalable, and well-architected certificate management platform.

CA and cloud agnostic

Integrate seamlessly with virtually any private, public, and cloud-based certificate authorities (CAs).

Run anywhere

You have complete flexibility to run Keyfactor Command on-premises, as a service, or in a hybrid model.

Scale without limits

Scale without limits. Our modular architecture and no per-certificate fees make it easy to scale quickly.

Experts at the ready

Our customers benefit from our depth of knowledge and experience in PKI design and implementation.

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