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Press Release
CSS Releases IoT Security Extension in the ThingWorx Marketplace

CLEVELAND, Ohio, Feb 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – CSS, the leader in PKI-based digital identity software and services for enterprise and IoT security, and a ThingWorx Ready™ partner, announces the integration of CMS VerdeTTo with the ThingWorx IoT platform, and the availability of its CMS VerdeTTo Access Valve in the ThingWorx Marketplace.

CMS VerdeTTo enables organizations to establish their own dedicated IoT Directory and build a high assurance security model based on trusted identity and certificates. CMS VerdeTTo enables authentication, authorization, encryption and code signing based on a private Root of Trust (RoT), certificates, and private keys. Dedicated to the organization and hosted in a single-tenant model, the IoT Directory is fully managed by CSS, including a dedicated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the issuance and delivery of unique certificates to each device.

The Access Valve for ThingWorx integrates an organization’s dedicated IoT Directory and Root of Trust with the ThingWorx IoT platform, and turns on certificate-based authentication and granular authorization for every device connection. The Access Valve, in conjunction with CMS VerdeTTo, allows access to be controlled based on time-fencing, geo-fencing, and any other adaptive criteria set within a device’s extended attributes. It includes APIs and agents for integration of certificate issuance and delivery to devices, and for complete Root of Trust management.

The high assurance security enabled by CMS VerdeTTo, and its underlying PKI, is available as a fully managed service. It allows for rapid deployment and eliminates overhead associated with the management of additional infrastructure or the purchasing of certificates for every device.

“The introduction of CMS VerdeTTo to the ThingWorx Marketplace addresses the concerns, risks, and compliance goals of organizations engaged in the IoT,” said Judah Aspler, CSS Vice President of Business Development. “The ability to leverage PKI and certificates for the achievement of high assurance security was once reserved for those with extensive PKI expertise and resources. CMS VerdeTTo now allows every organization to establish security based on a foundation of unique trusted identity, and to do so in concert with their ThingWorx IoT platform.”

About Certified Security Solutions (CSS) As the market leader in enterprise and IoT digital identity security for data, devices, and applications, CSS is a cybersecurity company that builds and supports platforms to enable secure commerce for global businesses connected to the Internet. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with operations throughout North America, CSS is at the forefront of delivering innovative software products and SaaS solutions that are secure, scalable, economical, and easy to integrate into any business. Visit www.css-security.com for more information.

ThingWorx Ready Program As part of the PTC Partner Network, the ThingWorx Ready Program provides partnering companies with a way to validate product integration with the ThingWorx platform, enabling solution builders to shorten their time to market by leveraging pre-integrated products, extensions, and starter kits listed in the ThingWorx Marketplace. The ThingWorx Marketplace is the single source for third-party IoT solutions, technologies, and services built on or specifically for the ThingWorx IoT Platform. Targeted at both industrial IoT solution builders and buyers, the ThingWorx Marketplace aims to simplify the process of bringing together ThingWorx with third-party tools and services, by providing a large inventory of pre-integrated, pre-certified products, extensions and starter kits that are easy to access and use by customers and partners to build their own solutions and accelerate their time to market.

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