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Press Release
Keyfactor Sponsors the Legion of the Bouncy Castle to Fuel Innovation and Support for Bouncy Castle APIs

Cleveland, OH – December 12, 2022 Keyfactor, the machine and IoT identity platform for modern enterprises, today announced that it will sponsor the Legion of the Bouncy Castle, the charitable organization behind Bouncy Castle. The sponsorship enables Bouncy Castle, one of the most widely used open-source cryptographic APIs, to provide developers with seamless access to the entire cryptographic library of Java and C# releases as it continues to expand. 

As a sponsor, Keyfactor will support Bouncy Castle to maintain its Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) certification. These standards were created by the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) to protect government data and ensure those working with the government comply with certain safety standards before they have access to data.  

“Encryption, authentication, and the use of digital certificates are the fundamental building blocks to securing connected applications and business processes. However, for many developer teams, developing these building blocks is outside of the scope of what they are really trying to do,” said David Hook, co-founder and lead developer for the Legion of the Bouncy Castle cryptography project and Head of Cryptography Software Engineering, Crypto Workshop by Keyfactor.”The founding principle behind Bouncy Castle is to provide these building blocks. With Keyfactor’s support, Bouncy Castle can continue to offer APIs for developers to implement and maintain standards-based and certified cryptography in their applications.” 

Recognizing that effective use of the building blocks provided by the Bouncy Castle APIs is as much a problem as getting access to the expertise to build them, Keyfactor also offers customers expert support for Bouncy Castle, delivered directly from its creators and developers. These support services help developers effectively use Bouncy Castle APIs by accelerating their problem solving and resolving any needed customization needs, allowing teams to focus on developing their application. Customers are also provided with early access to the latest releases and pre-certified FIPS modules, access to the full test suite, and help with private label validation. 

“Bouncy Castle has a renowned reputation for allowing developers to easily build cryptographic functions such as encryption and authentication into their applications,” said Malin Ridelius, Vice President of Community, Keyfactor. “Keyfactor is committed to keeping Bouncy Castle open-source so all developers have a cost-effective and efficient way to introduce certified cryptography into their applications. We’re proud to contribute to the organization’s ongoing efforts to ensure the security of connected applications worldwide by offering our expertise.” 

To learn more about Keyfactor’s support options for Bouncy Castle APIs, visit https://www.keyfactor.com/platform/implementing-cryptography/ or https://www.keyfactor.com/platform/bouncy-castle-support/.  

About Keyfactor
Keyfactor is the machine and IoT identity platform for modern enterprises. The company helps security teams manage cryptography as critical infrastructure by simplifying PKI, automating certificate lifecycle management, and enabling crypto-agility at scale. Companies trust Keyfactor to secure every digital key and certificate for multi-cloud enterprises, DevOps, and embedded IoT security. 

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