Approaches to Deploying Post-Quantum Cryptography


Quantum is coming, so you should start freaking out now!

Well maybe don’t freak yet until you hear from two experts, with their two opposing views of how to handle post-quantum algorithms (PQC).

Join Russ Housley, Founder & Owner of Vigil Security explains while people gain confidence in the PQC algorithms and their implementations, security protocols should mix traditional and PQC algorithms.

Then hear from Massimiliano (Max) Pala, Principal Architect | Security Services at CableLabs, brings as he brings his expertise from the broadband industry to propose a way to augment the PKI to support quantum-safe algorithms without the need to establish separate infrastructures.

You’ll learn:

  • How modern (or classic) cryptography rely on problems that are hard to reverse
  • How to start planning for the day with only PQC algorithms are used
  • ​When to use separate certificates for traditional and PQC algorithms​
Originally presented at the 2020 Keyfactor Critical Trust Virtual Summit.

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