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Product and Manufacturing Leaders on IoT Device Security

Pulse and Keyfactor surveyed 100 product and manufacturing leaders to discover their IoT deployments, how they rate their security strategy and approach, and what challenges they face.

With the exploding number of connected devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) is officially here. From wearables and medical devices to connected vehicles and industrial machines, ever “thing” is connected and a part of our everday lives. While the rise of the IoT has brought countless opportunities for innovation, IoT device security poses serious challenges. Every IoT device carries enormous possibilities, but each connection is a potential security vulnerability waiting to be exploited.

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Most IT leaders are concerned about the security risks of their connected IoT devices, but lack clear strategies regarding device identities and updating security.

Over half (62%) of respondents are significantly or moderately concerned about the security risk of their connected IoT devices.

Despite this concern, less than half (42%) have a clear strategy regarding their device identities.

Further, less than half of respondents (43%) feel they have a solid strategy for updating security when algorithms or standards change.

IT infrastructure and device inventory tracking are the top challenges companies face as the IoT expands.

The biggest challenge in implementing and rolling out device identities is IT infrastructure, closely followed by compliance visibility.

With the increasing quantity of IoT devices, tracking inventory across the field and detecting device changes are the most substantial security challenges for IoT leaders.

65% of respondents work with more than five technology partners to deploy these devices, further compounding complexity.

Security approaches need improvement, with risk factors requiring further management.

Just 34% of IoT leaders rate their approach to security implementation as good or advanced, with 30% saying it needs improvement.

Even while navigating these ambiguous security strategies and approaches, most IoT leaders (51%) cite lifecycle management for IoT devices among the risk factors they must manage to ensure IoT product security.

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