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See why leading companies choose Keyfactor over Venafi for PKI and certificate lifecycle automation.

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The only cloud-first Venafi alternative for PKI and machine identity management

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Every machine identity

One platform for every machine identity: certificate lifecycle automation, SSH key management, secure code signing, and encryption key management.

Highly scalable PKI

Machine identity management is only half of the equation. Keyfactor is backed by the most widely used PKI solution in the industry (EJBCA®) available as a service, in the cloud, and as a software or hardware appliance.

Flexible deployment

We’re cloud-first, not cloud-only. You have the flexibility to deploy certificate lifecycle automation as a service (CLAaaS), self-hosted, or combined with EJBCA® or a fully managed private PKI as a Service (PKIaaS).

Cloud Venafi alternative
Faster Time to Value Venafi Alternative

Faster Time to Value.

Complete 360 visibility

Visibility is priority #1. Keyfactor delivers better visibility and faster time to inventory with 360 certificate discovery, including real-time CA sync, SSL/TLS discovery, and direct integrations to key and certificate stores.

Automation out-of-the-box

Automation is a must. Our customers achieve results faster with out-of-the-box Orchestrators that enable automated renewal and deployment without the need for additional licensing.

Scalable, modular architecture

Leave complex deployments and upgrades behind. Keyfactor is built on a modular, pluggable architecture that makes it easier upgrade and deploy in hybrid cloud and segmented networks.

The Proof
is in Performance.

PKI experts, right from the start

We’re not just a software vendor, we’re PKI consultants at heart. Whether you choose cloud or on-prem, you get access to an elite team of experts backed by 20+ years of experience in PKI implementation.

Leave no certificate behind

Per-certificate and per-host fees just aren’t scalable. Get predictable, transparent pricing that doesn’t force you to pick and choose which keys and certificates to manage.

Extreme scalability and performance

In the cloud, speed and scale are the name of the game. Our platform is tested and proven to handle hundreds of millions of certificates with just a single instance of Keyfactor Command.

Highly Scalable Venafi Alternative

How Venafi Compares to Keyfactor

Here are the key reasons why Keyfactor is the #1 Venafi alternative

Table Logo
Table Logo

Built for cloud

Keyfactor is designed for cloud-native enterprises with high scalability and performance, offering fully managed and SaaS deployment options

Built for on-premise

On-premises, legacy architecture design that is deployed by the customer; limited SaaS capabilities via Venafi as a Service

One solution

One platform for certificate lifecycle automation as a service (CLAaaS) or self-hosted with full feature parity

Separate solutions

No complete CLMaaS solution: Inconsistent features between Venafi as a Service and Venafi Trust Protection Platform (TPP)

Next-gen architecture

Modular, distributed components integrate easily with tools and apps; no need to re-issue certificates

Legacy architecture

Monolithic architecture is difficult to deploy and install; re-engineering workflows and re-issuing certificates


One intuitive console

A single, easy to navigate console makes it easy to manage all machine identities in one place

Multiple consoles

Users have to switch between different consoles to configure settings and manage certificates

AnyCATM technology

Deploys within minutes and provides real-time inventory and management for any CA, anywhere – public or private, on-premise or cloud

``Adaptable driver``

Their technology often requires manual PowerShell scripting with inconsistent features between different CA integrations

Search engine

A built-in certificate search engine makes it easy to identify and manage certificates, assign owners, and take action


Complex folder-based structure and policy trees are more difficult to navigate and set up


Unlimited scalability

No per-certificate management fees; unlimited certificates under inventory and management

Pay to scale

Hard limits on the number of certificates under management-; per certificate fees create procurement headaches

Proven performance

Tested and proven to handle revocation and re-issuance of 211 million certificates with a single cloud instance at 800 operations per second

No data available

No performance data available. Comparable performance is difficult to achieve with on-premise deployment and resource dependencies

Full automation

Easy licensing with full certificate lifecycle automation and integration capabilities available out of the box


Separate modules are required for TLS and endpoint certificates with additional costs for basic functionality


Highly scalable PKI

Backed by the most widely adopted and scalable CA software in the industry (EJBCA®)

Not available

Venafi does not offer its own CA software, instead, it relies on third-party CA solutions for certificate issuance

Flexible deployment

Keyfactor offers PKI as a fully managed service, turnkey SaaS solution, software, or hardware appliance

Cloud only

Venafi “Zero Touch PKI” is only available as a service through a third-party technology partnership


Keyfactor offers a combined solution for PKI as a Service and certificate lifecycle automation in one, single-tenant cloud platform


Separate solutions are required for “Zero Touch PKI” and certificate lifecycle management – not one platform


Proven experts

Started in PKI consulting services and pioneered PKI as a Service backed by 20+ years of hands-on experience 

Still learning

No previous experience in PKI consulting services or managed PKI

SOC 2 Type II certified

Keyfactor is SOC 2 Type II audited annually to provide high assurance SaaS products and services

No SOC 2 Type II

No regular participation in SOC 2 Type II audits

ISO 27001 certified

Keyfactor is ISO/IEC 27001 certified to ensure adherence to the industry’s most stringent security requirements

No certification

Does not provide proof of compliance or certification with ISO 27001

Hands-free upgrades

Simple ”hands-free” product updates for cloud-hosted customers; virtual-assisted updates for on-prem users

Manual upgrades

Requires manual scheduling, upgrades, and maintenance on-premise for Venafi Trust Protection Platform (TPP)

*Last updated October 14, 2021.

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Hear right from our customers how a cloud-first approach enables them to move fast, adapt quickly and scale up without limitations.

“The SaaS model has us running with 100% uptime and 0% infrastructure footprint at a cost far far below what it would take to stand up and maintain internally.”

PKI Team Lead

Finance Industry

“Keyfactor’s employees worked closely with my company’s integration team to deliver the solution in less than 24 hours.”

Cybersecurity Architect

Healthcare Provider

“Keyfactor quickly adapted to our new needs and allowed us a novel way to connect to their hosted CA which let us avoid a bottleneck that would affect global services.”

Software Engineer

Healthcare Provider

“Keyfactor was able to build our prod infrastructure within a short period of time, integrate with Azure AD for SSO, Install and Configure the Orchestrator and the Cloud Gateway, integrate with Digicert CA via API, workflow and automation setup/tutorial/training.”

IT Architect

Financial Services

“Keyfactor is very easy to navigate and use for certificate management. Allowing users to create their own certificates has benefited our company tremendously and reduced the time between needing a certificate and getting a certificate.”

Sr. Security Systems Engineer