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Investing Wisely in Digital Security Measures

This article originally appeared on IoT Agenda. Click the link below for the full version.

As the internet of medical things grows, the delivery of care moves beyond the four walls of a hospital, and patients become more engaged and accountable. Device manufacturers must be wary of this impending shift because experts predict that there will be between 20 and 30 billion devices within IoMT by 2020, making first-to-market pressures even greater. Above all, medical device manufacturers that rush to drive innovation can’t forget about one of the most important considerations with lasting consequences: device security.

This precaution isn’t “new” news by any standard — security is undoubtedly a hot topic that has found its way into war rooms and boardrooms. For device manufacturers, this means aligning priorities with customers’ needs and giving every device its own secure identity. But administrative stressors exist, including R&D budgets intended strictly for product development and stringent compliance requirements. Implementing a strategy that elevates digital security into production can often be a challenge as a result.