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New REST API Support and More Frequent Releases From EJBCA Community

Developer Community

The newly released EJBCA Community demonstrates Keyfactor’s commitment to the open-source community and features REST API support for more flexible integration options. Read on to learn more.

What's new in EJBCA Community

Today, we are happy to announce the release of EJBCA Community featuring REST API support and increased mapping logic options with support for external account bindings.

Thanks to each and every EJBCA Contributor for their work in getting us here! With the new Keyfactor Community program, we wish to give back, learn more, and collaborate more closely with the open-source community. As one way to give back, EJBCA Community will be released more often from now on 

Here we’ll take a look at the key features of this new release.

More frequent releases of EJBCA Community

Starting with this release, EJBCA Community releases will follow the release schedule for the Enterprise edition, including all major and feature releases. Security updates and minor releases will be handled on a best-effort basis. As a result, the EJBCA Community will be released at least twice as often. The details of each Community release are specified in the release notes.

More flexible certificate enrollment via REST API

Users of EJBCA Community now have more flexible integration options, as a subset of the EJBCA REST API is now supported. With the EJBCA Enrollment REST API, community users can enroll and revoke certificates modern technologies.

For more information on the REST API for certificate enrollment included in EJBCA Community, see EJBCA REST Interface.

Connect certificates to any identities with External Account Bindings

With External Account Bindings, certificates can be associated with identities defined by external data sources, allowing for increased mapping logic options, for example to find all certificates belonging to a particular person or device

Inspired by the concept of External Account Bindings in ACME (supported in EJBCA Enterprise as of version 7.5), we’ve extended the concept throughout EJBCA to provide a quick and easy way to associate any certificate enrolled via the RA or REST with an external identifier.

Subsets of allowed values can be pre-configured in the certificate profiles to ensure that only valid identities can be submitted. For more information, see External Account Bindings.

For more details, see the Release notes for EJBCA Community

Get started with EJBCA Community

To deploy the latest version of EJBCA Community, you can download it from GitHub or SourceForge or run it as containers from DockerHub.

EJBCA is available as a free 30-day trial on Azure and AWS marketplaces for those who want to test the additional features of EJBCA Enterprise.

See the deployment options on download EJBCA.

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