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Why Engaging Veterans is a VITAL Part of Keyfactor’s Culture

Keyfactor Culture

I’m Ben Wyne, a federal compliance analyst and the leader of Keyfactor’s Veterans in Technology and Leadership (VITAL) group. VITAL is an internal group at Keyfactor that aims to identify challenges and opportunities faced by Veterans within the company to help them improve self-awareness, assist with career development, and better leverage their skills and experience in the technology environment to achieve their full potential.

When joining Keyfactor a year ago, I did not expect to lead VITAL. However, I found this group and became more involved, eventually stepping up to grow and lead it. Keyfactor met this initiative with open arms. They helped me grow awareness of VITAL within the company, allowing me to speak about VITAL on stage at All Hands events. It has been such a pleasure to work at a place that puts its money where its values are. 

During an All Hands meeting in April 2023, I moderated a panel with our CEO, Jordan Rackie, and Tim Harvey, a board member and Marine Veteran, about the importance of Veterans working at Keyfactor. One question Tim and I fielded from a Keyfactor employee was, “How would a Keyfactor employee ask to learn about a Veteran’s experience while in the military?” This a common question when outside the workplace, but not a question I have received while in an office atmosphere. 

This is how Keyfactor is different! 

The team wants to learn about Veteran experiences, how to build deeper friendships, and partner with the Veteran community. Keyfactor’s workforce is approximately 10% military Veterans or current service members. Keyfactor loves its military teammates. I’ve seen Keyfactor continue to prioritize the VITAL group as a community of unique team players.

As a Veteran, I see how every Veteran is categorized into one type of person or group. However, if you dig into this category, you will find differences in life choices, passions, and skills. Keyfactor takes this categorization and sees each person’s uniqueness, not just as a group of employees but as individuals. I see this every day when I log on. 

It’s great to get to meet and talk with other Veterans at Keyfactor. From the Navy, Army, or Swedish Home Guard, I enjoy engaging with our worldwide military service men and women at Keyfactor. We are a team.

Keyfactor enables military Veterans to be successful! The values each Veteran has learned during their service are also appreciated and expected at Keyfactor. The ideas of “do your job,” problem-solving, enabling team success, and adapting quickly are appreciated and embraced. When I start my day at Keyfactor, I know that the team I work for, the teams I support, and Keyfactor as a whole are driving to provide top-notch cybersecurity to our clients with identity-first security. 

Keyfactor has provided me with a network of people who integrate their passions, talents, and unique perspectives into a top-notch community that cares about its Veterans! I could not ask for a better place to work and lead an organization like VITAL.