Enable Crypto-Agility at Scale

Stay ahead of rapid changes in cryptography that threaten to undermine trust in your business. Keyfactor enables you to achieve and maximize crypto-agility at enterprise scale.

Enable Crypto Agility

By 2021, organizations with crypto-agility plans in place will suffer 60% fewer cryptographically-related security breaches and application failures than organizations without a plan.

Every certificate expires, and every algorithm evolves. With advancements in computing power, the risk of breakable crypto increases with each day. Sudden compromises or deprecation of outdated algorithms can seriously impact the security in your organization if you don’t have the right tools in place to adapt effectively.

Crypto-agility means knowing everywhere cryptography is used in your organization, how it is being used, and having the tools and strategy in place to quickly identify issues and replace outdated crypto (e.g. protocols, algorithms, certificates, etc.) without intense manual effort or disruption to business-critical applications.

Why Crypto-Agility Matters

The sheer number of keys and digital certificates in use across organizations has skyrocketed, making it much more
difficult for security teams to respond effectively when something goes wrong.

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CA Compromise

If a CA is breached, all certificates are rendered untrusted, requiring you to replace the root of trust and all affected certificates.

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Algorithm Changes

Algorithms in use today will inevitably be outdated and replaced with newer, stronger alternatives that will force the widespread replacement of weak keys and certificates.

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Crypto-Library Bug

Discovery of a bug in crypto-libraries often means generating new keys and re-issuing certificates to the impacted devices or applications.


Static approaches are inherently insecure in an evolving crypto-landscape.

  • Poor Visibility: Security teams lack insight into the protocols, algorithms, keys and certificates in use throughout their environment.
  • Uncontrolled Issuance: Lack of control over certificate procurement and policy enforcement leaves security teams blind to weak or rogue certificates issued by enterprise teams.
  • Inability to Adapt: It can take weeks (even months) to track down and swap out dated or non-compliant certificates using manual processes.

Identify and remediate risks with crypto-agile automation.

Keyfactor provides the tools to identify weak or non-compliant certificates, revoke and replace them, and easily switch CAs and update roots of trust at scale.

  • Inventory Assets: Locate thousands of keys and certificates across your network, devices, and CAs and bring them into a single inventory.
  • Identify Risks: Actively monitor certificate issuance and deployment to identify the use of weak keys or algorithms in real-time.
  • Respond Effectively: Rapidly re-issue or renew a certificate or group of certificates from a new CA in the event of a large-scale compromise.
  • Automate Everything: Make it a seamless transition with automated renewal and provisioning across thousands (or millions) of devices.
Business impact

Achieve Crypto-Agility at Scale

With Keyfactor, security teams are able to easily identify and replace vulnerable keys and digital certificates across
their organization while minimizing disruption to business-critical applications.

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Improved Security

Ensure that all of your cryptographic assets are secure and up to date with the latest industry standards.

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Faster Response

Quickly respond to unpredictable changes or vulnerabilities in the cryptographic landscape.

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Less Downtime

Reduce the risk of application failures or security breaches by up to 60% with automation at scale.

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Reduced Risk

Prevent security breaches caused by expired or weak certificates that hackers seek to exploit.

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CA Agility

Easily add, remove or switch CAs in your PKI infrastructure as your business evolves.

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Static to Dynamic

Shift from inherently insecure static processes to automated and dynamic cryptographic operations.

Only 30% of organizations are confident in their ability to respond effectively to algorithm degradation or breach.

Stay Ahead of Crypto-Vulnerabilities with Keyfactor

Keyfactor Command integrates with a wide array of trusted CAs, mobile and IoT devices, network and cloud infrastructure for end-to-end certificate management.

It’s the only platform built from the ground up for the scale and diversity of modern enterprise infrastructure – proven to handle the revocation and replacement of 500 million certificates in response to root compromise.

Find out how the Keyfactor platform can modernize your PKI, prevent
certificate outages, accelerate DevOps security, and more.