Modernize your PKI.

Issue and manage identities for all
your workloads and devices.

EJBCA Enterprise is a powerful public key infrastructure (PKI) platform that is quick to deploy, runs anywhere, and scales on-demand.


PKI for

  • Enterprise IT
  • Multi-Cloud
  • DevOps
  • IoT Security
  • Manufacturing

From the developers of EJBCA, the world’s most widely used and trusted open-source certificate authority (CA) software, EJBCA Enterprise is a powerful and flexible PKI platform purpose-built to meet the demands of modern use cases.
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Enterprise IT

Deploy a robust internal private PKI to issue identities for servers, devices, and workloads.

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IoT & Industrial

Embed trusted and unique identities into connected devices or industrial systems at massive scale.

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Issue short-lived certificates for authentication and signing in fast-paced DevOps environments.

Simplify and consolidate
your PKI infrastructure.

With EJBCA Enterprise, you deploy your PKI however and wherever you need it, whether in the cloud or in your data center, self-managed or as a service.

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EJBCA Enterprise comes pre-packed with all the components, protocols, and software required to run an enterprise-grade PKI.

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Deploy your PKI as a turnkey software appliance, hardware appliance, in the cloud, as a service (SaaS PKI), or in a hybrid model.

EJBCA Enterprise PKI Deployment

Identity for every device,
workload, and application.

Issue and manage certificates to authenticate and protect critical assets, whether you’re securing IT infrastructure, CI/CD environments, or connected devices.

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Integrate with any application or use case, including IoT and DevOps tools, via support for multiple formats, protocols, and algorithms.

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Easily configure fine-tuned controls over certificate profiles, extensions, approval workflows, and validation from one console.

Scale with confidence and without complexity.

Choose the right size for your environment and scale up on-demand without the hassle of complex server infrastructure and per-certificate fees.

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Deploy your entire PKI on a single instance, segment validation authority (VA) and registration authority (RA) instances, or cluster nodes to scale.

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Choose the right size instance – ranging from an XS model designed to operate as a dedicated root CA, to an XL used for large-scale deployments.

Enable compliance and
build a foundation of trust.

When it comes to PKI, trust is everything. Build upon the most trusted and widely used CA software in the world, designed to best practices and open standards.

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Simplify audits with detailed, signed audit and transaction logs, role-based authorization, and integrations with cloud and on-premise HSMs.

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Rest assured with a Common Criteria-certified and NSA CSfC-approved PKI solution already deployed in many ETSI/eIDAS and WebTrust environments.

Key features

Protocol and API options

Automate certificate enrollment via ACME, SCEP, EST, CMP, Microsoft Autoenrollment, SOAP, and REST API.

Modular architecture

Securely segment CA, registration authority (RA), and validation authority (VA) functions on separate instances.


Run your entire PKI hierarchy on a single instance or cluster nodes to support high availability and performance.

Detailed audit logs

Ensure compliance with detailed and signed audit logs, and tools to import and export configurations.

Single platform

Centrally issue and manage certificates compliant with X.509, SSH, C-ITS and other industry standards all from one console.

Real-time OCSP

Get real-time status of certificates and revoke certificates within seconds via high-performance OCSP responders.

Deploy your PKI, your way

It’s time your PKI works for you, not the other way around. EJBCA Enterprise deploys
however and wherever you need it to meet your specific use case and requirements.

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