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Press Release
Keyfactor Announces Strategic DevSecOps Partnership with Infinite Ranges

Partnership Facilitates DevOps Standards and Best Practices Implementation and Cryptographic Security Assurance within the Development Pipeline

CLEVELAND, Ohio – January 19, 2021 Keyfactor, the leader in PKI as-a-Service and crypto-agility solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with digital transformation solutions provider Infinite Ranges. The collaboration enables enterprise teams to overcome the DevSecOps gap through the implementation of best practices and automated solutions.

“The rapid adoption of cloud services, agile requirements and development technologies is transforming traditional waterfall development processes and challenging DevOps security,” said Eric Mizell, vice president of engineering at Keyfactor. “As production cycles shorten and accelerate, teams lacking best practices and automated lifecycle management processes risk product integrity if they lose visibility to the digital keys and certificates that are used to protect their software.”

A recent survey of more than 600 IT and security professionals identified likely occurrences of code signing and key misuse in enterprise environments over the next two years; 73% of respondents experienced unplanned downtime and outages due to mismanaged digital certificates. Many enterprises employ Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificates in DevOps workflows to secure code through its lifetime. However, traditional PKI relies on manual processes, making it ill-equipped for agile process requirements.

“Continuous integration and development components like binaries, builds, web servers and containers all need certificates to authenticate and verify trust, but traditional PKI processes simply can’t scale in agile DevOps environments,” said Chris Paul, cybersecurity industry expert at Infinite Ranges. “Keyfactor’s automated certificate lifecycle management and PKI-as-a-Service modernizes DevOps environments by helping teams instill the best practices they need to support their cybersecurity framework. Our goal is to help enterprise teams connect development pipeline security, code signing and certificate management, achieving an ideal state with reduced friction between developers, operations and the infrastructure.”

Infinite Ranges’ specialization as an implementation partner for both Keyfactor and Hashicorp Vault provides a unique offering within the market, explains Paul. “We believe that Keyfactor is the ideal first step to achieving an identity-first organizational security posture. The expertise of Infinite Ranges within Infrastructure as Code (IaC), encryption and Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides Keyfactor customers with the unique ability to solve organizational security issues in an agile world. Problems like site reliability engineering (SRE) and secure CI/CD become a thing of the past,” said Paul.

Keyfactor provides cloud-hosted PKI-as-a-Service infrastructure through integrated certificate and key management, secure signing and secure IoT device design. The platform provides discovery, integration and orchestration capabilities, enabling teams to gain complete crypto-agility, extensibility and visibility.

About Infinite Ranges

Infinite Ranges’ diverse, experienced DevSecOps experts unite with automation leaders to deliver consummately secure solutions for the new digital world. Created culture-first, we help clients adapt and scale through a keen focus on customer and client experiences from start to finish, ensuring that organizations succeed in their digital transformation, including in AppDev, modern IT and security. Learn more at InfiniteRanges.com.

About Keyfactor

Keyfactor is the leader in cloud-first PKI as-a-Service and crypto-agility solutions. The company’s crypto-agility platform empowers security teams to seamlessly orchestrate all digital certificates and keys across the enterprise. Decades of cybersecurity experience and a white-glove customer experience for its 500+ global customers have earned Keyfactor a 98.5% retention rate and a 99% support satisfaction rate. Learn more at www.keyfactor.com and follow @Keyfactor on Twitter.

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