Real vs Fake PKI as-a-Service

PKI as-a-Service can drive efficiency, lower costs, and
eliminate hours of manual work. But when every vendor
says the same thing, how do know which is real or fake?

See the Difference

Quickly weed out the PKIaaS pretenders. Identify gaps in other solutions and see why Keyfactor Command is the
industry-leader in PKIaaS.

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Single Solution

One vendor, one platform. Combines certificate lifecycle automation and fully managed PKI into a single, cloud-delivered solution.

Multiple Vendors

Different vendors for managed PKI and certificate management create headaches for procurement, deployment, and ongoing support.


Complete PKI

Cloud-hosted issuing CAs and dedicated, HSM-backed offline root located within a high-security facility.

Commodity PKI

PKI hosted and operated in a cloud environment – no dedicated offline root infrastructure, no CP/CPS.


Flexible Gateway

Auto-Enrollment Gateway integrates seamlessly with your environment.

Unreliable VPN

Requires standing up a direct VPN connection to your enterprise network.


PKI Agility

Maintain control of root keys & recovery materials so you can take your PKI back in-house if needed.

Vendor Lock-In

Limited transparency of root key access and no ability to reconstitute your PKI in-house. If things change.


SOC 2 Type II Certified

Entire PKI governance, infrastructure, and operations formally SOC 2 Type II certified annually.

No Certification

Operates within a third-party cloud or datacenter environment that is SOC 2 Type II certified.

Industry Recognition

Trusted, Reliable, Proven

Backed by 20+ years of PKI expertise and 900m+ certificates issued globally.

Limited Experience

Focused on SSL certificate management w/ limited PKI expertise.

Managed Service

24/7/365 Proactive Monitoring

Monitored by an elite team of trained experts with fast SLA-driven same-day response and a 99% satisfaction rate.

Inconsistent Support

Limited support hours, slow response times, and lack of expertise leaves your PKI operations at risk.


Limitless Scale, One Cost

All you can eat, high-volume certificate issuance – no per-certificate fees.

Pay as you Scale

Per-certificate fees force unpredictable cost increases as you scale up.


Customers Choose Keyfactor PKIaaS

One Vendor, One Platform - Complete Solution

Built-in the cloud, Keyfactor is the only solution that combines fully-managed PKI and complete certificate lifecycle automation into a single platform – monitored 24/7/365 by our industry-leading PKIOps team.

Hundreds of customers choose Keyfactor to deploy and run their PKI as-a-Service, without the burden of dealing with multiple vendors with different contracts, support teams, terms, and conditions.

Proven PKI Expertise

Unlike legacy and network automation vendors, our PKI as-a-Service platform is backed by 20+ years of hands-on experience working with Fortune 500 companies to build and run their PKI.

As the category creators of PKIaaS, Keyfactor has the depth in knowledge, expertise, and trust that comes from more than 200+ successful PKI deployments.

Unmatched Scalability & Performance

Keyfactor delivers maximum availability and performance by harnessing the power of cloud-native infrastructure and no per-certificate fees to ensure that you can scale up quickly and cost-effectively.

Additionally, Keyfactor’s elite PKIOps team proactively monitors service levels and security controls to keep your PKI running safe and secure at all times.

Hear what our customers have to say

Don’t take our word for it. See why Keyfactor is the number one choice for PKI as-a-Service.

“Keyfactor makes it easy for us to track and automate the lifecycle of digital certificates in a highly complex, global deployment. It was the only solution that could meet our needs for scale and performance.”

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Global Airline

“We’re a lean team that supports a lot of operations, so we typically look for tools that will be easy to manage or will even ‘manage themselves’…Keyfactor has resolved an operational headache for us by relieving the day-today management of PKI. ”

VP Security

Global Investment Firm

“We recently had to do a bulk revocation for an end-of-life product line that covered hundreds of thousands of certificates. Previously, it would’ve taken an admin a year to do it manually, but with Keyfactor, we revoked everything within 10 minutes.”

Senior Manager of Infrastructure and Security

Global Healthcare Leader

“Keyfactor has helped us move away from the brick-and-mortar firewall approach to security. Now we can trust but verify, so we can protect devices that are outside the firewall or even allow employees to use personal devices like smartphones.”

Senior Information Security Manager

Global IoT Manufacturer

“Before, we’d have outages at least twice a month. Now, we’ve reduced that down to almost nothing.”

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Healthcare Technology Leader


The Industry Leader in PKI as a Service

One vendor, one platform

One vendor, one platform for managed PKI and certificate lifecycle automation.

Single-tenant PKI

No shared infrastructure. The difference? It’s your dedicated PKI, we just run it for you.

Lower TCO

Keyfactor is proven to reduce PKI costs by as much as 60% for our cloud-hosted customers.


As the pioneers of PKI as-a-Service, Keyfactor is trusted by even the largest Fortune 100 companies.

Unlimited scale

Tested and proven to handle 500+ million certificates with a single deployment. Yes, really.

Complete control

Vendor lock-in? No thanks. Retain control of root keys and recovery materials.


See How Keyfactor Stacks Up

Find out how the Keyfactor platform can modernize your PKI, prevent
certificate outages, accelerate DevOps security, and more.