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New Core Value to Drive Business and Community Innovation

The midyear point is always an important milestone for Keyfactor and for me personally. It’s a time to pause, take stock and reflect on what’s worked well and how we can make the most of the rest of the year.

And this year that exercise is especially important. The events of 2020 have changed every aspect of life as we know it professionally, personally and socially.

At Keyfactor we’re used to pivoting fast as we rise to new challenges. As individuals and as a team, our Core Values are a compass and a clear business differentiator, reaffirming commitments to our customers, our colleagues and ourselves. Everything we do is done with world-class security, trust and teamwork in mind. Our Core Values are a driving force behind our daily efforts and our teams’ focus to achieve results:

  • Customers are Core
  • Trust is Paramount
  • Teams Make it Happen
  • Deliver with Agility
  • Innovation Never Stops, it Only Accelerates

Throughout the year we maintain touch-points with the team to revisit those values to assess our performance and to ensure they align with our current reality.

In our recent review, we recognized a key value that always lived organically throughout the business – but was missing from our Core Values.

Today we’re proud to announce that United by Respect will be added as a sixth Core Value that guides Keyfactor. Respect for all is what unites us. This new Core Value furthers our ongoing commitment to promote diversity, inclusivity, equity, and acting with empathy, both in our business and in our communities.


“We’re at a pivotal moment in world history where social justice and racial equality is capturing the hearts of people. This awakening and demand for action is a shared sentiment within Keyfactor,” said CEO, Jordan Rackie. “While respect for everyone has always lived organically throughout our business, the recent events made it prudent to expressly highlight respect, inclusion, and diversity that come with it.”

We recognize the vital role inclusivity and diversity play within the fabric of Keyfactor and our journey to support our customers, colleagues and communities.

Whether donating time and food supplies to minimize the pandemic’s impact on hunger through local food banks, marking and memorializing Juneteenth company-wide, promoting women in technology leadership roles, and supporting LGBTQ initiatives, Keyfactor is committed to supporting these critical causes and programs throughout our business and communities.

In 2001, Keyfactor (then CSS) was founded with a mission to promote a world where all digital identities are trusted. Over the years the integrity of our technology, solutions and the relationships we’ve enjoyed with our customers have shaped who we are today and the industry-leading service we deliver. As a digital identity management company, our focus remains the same – restore trust to the people and businesses who both demand and deserve it.

And as a team of innovators, we believe that powerful values focused on integrity and respect will drive that trust forward.