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The Importance of Core Values While Working from Home

Today marks the end of Keyfactor’s first week working from home as an entire company. Reflecting on these past five days in Keyfactor’s transition to a 100% remote workforce, I can’t help but feel honored to work with such an agile team.

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis we are facing is truly horrific and will leave a mark on our global economy and psyche for the foreseeable future. However, it has pushed us to continue to be innovative by turning challenges into solutions and ensuring that we continue to secure and support our employees and customers. It is hard to imagine a time in which trust is more important on all fronts and I am amazed at how our leadership has provided transparency every step of the way.

As I consider my role in the organization, the biggest concern surrounding the crisis is our employees. I wonder – How are they feeling? Are they productive? Are they going to have increased stress levels? Our CEO and I realized a clearly communicated game plan was needed. The analysis led to me writing our “Remote Engagement Initiatives” at the beginning of the week.

Since I began working from home, there has definitely been an adjustment to my usual routine and a slight feeling of isolation. However, after pushing out some of these initiatives throughout this week I have ironically felt more connected with my co-workers across all departments. Perhaps the saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder” is coming into play!

Considering what I have learned during this chaotic week, I want to share a few tips on how our Keyfactor Team has made “it” happen and stayed engaged over the past week. Hopefully it can help your team the way it has helped us!

Keyfactor Core Values

Cross-functional Lunches

  • How it works: Once a week for 30 minutes to an hour, individuals of different departments will sign up and meet – via video – during lunch. During this time, they will share “what’s on the menu” and what they are doing currently in their department.
  • Goal: This is designed to mirror the lunch room, where many cross functional interactions take place.

Breakfast Club Mondays

  • How it works: Every Monday from 8:30 AM – 9:00 AM anyone in the company can join over video meeting, bring coffee in their favorite mug of choice and each talk about their weekend activities.
  • Goal: This is great way to start the week and a great way to interact outside of just talking business.

Open Mic Thursdays

  • How it works: Every Thursday at 4:30 PM anyone in the company can join a video chat. This is a time for casual conversation and bonding. Since Keyfactor has so many musically talented employees, we try to have a few people perform – whether they are playing instruments, singing or showing off other talents. Family members are welcome to participate as well.
  • Goal: To provide another form of non-business related interaction for all employees towards the end of the week. A great way for our employees to decompress at the end of the day.

Live Working Sessions

  • How it works: We encourage our different teams to schedule live working sessions a few hours a day via video conference. Participants dial into the meeting, puts their mic on mute, and unmute it if they have questions or comments as they work.
  • Goal: The goal of this is to allow the collaboration of teams to continue to thrive.

Meditation & Fitness

  • How it works: There are a lot of businesses out there offering TONS of options for free, for which we are so grateful. We are making our employees aware of available options as best we can. We also are in the midst of setting up weekly live virtual meditation classes.
  • Goal: To provide as many resources related to mental and physical health to our employees to ensure they are taking care of their well being.

All Hands Weekly Check-In

  • How it works: This is an all company call once a week where our CEO – Jordan Rackie – loops everyone in on what is going on in the country and the business. It is also a time for employees to get any questions they have answered.
  • Goal: Continued transparency.

Wishing you and your company continued health and positivity over the coming weeks.