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Being ‘Responsibly Aggressive’​ in 2023

Industry Trends

2022 was a great year for Keyfactor. As I’ve said before, it wouldn’t have been possible without our community of people, which includes our supportive investors, talented employees, loyal customers, and partner community. We reached new markets, identified new use cases, and grew our headcount. As CEO, I couldn’t be more proud and inspired to continue this wave of success.

Heading into 2023 and thinking through ‘resolutions,’ I’ve been thinking a lot about change for good. Why not make targeted decisions to change (or adapt) in the hope of being better? At year-end, it’s typical to reflect on what worked (and didn’t), and I believe that spans across personal and professional settings. Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, my goal for Keyfactor is to embrace being ‘responsibly aggressive.’ I’ve used that term many times throughout the last few months because I find it so fitting for where our company stands today.

Being ‘responsibly aggressive’ is about balancing growth investments that will capture calculated available market share while keeping a keen eye on your business’s financial posture and stability. It’s about increasing your top line; it’s being more effective in your intake and throughput. It’s about protecting financial stability; it’s not losing focus on the path toward profitability or remaining profitable. Sustaining responsible aggressiveness is no easy task, but in this new macroeconomic environment, businesses across all industries will need to focus on sustainable growth, now more than ever. As the CEO of a venture-backed company, being prepared to navigate what many expect to be a challenging few quarters is increasingly important to me. While no industry is really recession-proof, I do, however, believe that cybersecurity technology has proven itself to be invaluable for IT leaders.

While not all cyber companies are created equal, Keyfactor stands out in a noisy market. I believe this is largely due to the changing nature of work. Recurring trends like zero-trust, cloud migration, and the growing remote workforce are creating more and more use cases for PKI, keys, and digital certificates in the enterprise. These use cases have translated into challenges for IT security teams – the war on talent continues to rage on, and the lack of skilled workers has left even the most modern business struggling to keep up. Keyfactor is addressing the rise in machine identities by navigating the complexity, cost, and redundancy of proper PKI and certificate management for our customers.

I am optimistic about the future of Keyfactor. I believe in where we started and where we’re going. We continue to capture market share at an accelerated pace. The residual elements of the Keyfactor / Primekey merger are complete, and we are operating as one business now. Looking ahead, we will continue to grow our global team and focus on creating ways to attract new and diverse talent. We strive to be the kind of employer people want to work for – this goes beyond flexibility, benefits packages, etc. It’s about having a sense of purpose. We will continue to work towards fostering a sense of purpose for our employees and customers. 2023 will be another company-defining year for Keyfactor, and I, for one, am most excited about what’s in store.